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JacQuaeline is a CEO/Executive Success Coach, Radio Talk Show Personality and Professional Clairvoyant. She has worked with Los Angeles Police & Sheriff’s Departments, major corporations, and a long career resume of impressive successes,  media exposure, thousands of clients and international speaking events.  She is known for extraordinarily accurate forecasting and assisting clients and students worldwide gain tangible, significant, measurable results fast.

If you are seeking a way to Integrate Spirituality & Wisdom Soul Mission, Visionary Concepts into daily life SUCCESS, you are now in the right place!

Congratulations and WELCOME!

Join in via phone or skype  – – Every two weeks JacQuaeline leads a powerful 15 minute Guided Meditation.  Heart centered, concerned individuals call or skype into a phone conference line from all over the world to create a live global network.  Thoughts are things, that’s a fact.  We connect through hearts and minds and empower each other. (Many of ... More
On Saturday, July 25th, the Institute for the Advancement of Science and Consciousness sponsered JacQuaeline to present  Official PK Party #411 was a great success.   We had 100% bending at the Kindergarden Level.  Many High Schoolers who needed more time to buckle the bowl, but the one true SKEPTIC in the crowd was the first to accomplish that phenomena.  And ... More
****July 31,  2015 –  5:00 pm  (Pacific Coast Timezone)  1-712-832-8300, enter: 23432#   (We plan to use this # & Code going forward!) July 31 is a  RARE BLUE MOON – FULL MOON  – Increase Clarity, Focus. Join JacQuaeline as she guides us into a special place of oneness and enlightenment, clearing and healing.  Release daily stresses, fears, issues as you ... More
Thank you to E the magazine for including me in their June Anniversary Issue. Title:  “Bend YOUR Spoon: 7 Steps to Outperform Yourself” Enjoy and please share it…   Click This Link to access the article! Let me know which one of the seven work best for you! Enjoy,  JacQuaeline... More
Purchase all three products plus the semi-private training class: JacQuaeline has put together a training support system that will transform you as you work to balance your body, mind and emotions in order to awaken new levels of awareness and creativity in just 15 minutes a day! The Natural Bio-Feedback Device – an intuitive tool that amplifies your intuitive knowing ... More
Wednesday July 15, 2015 – Wednesday July 15, 2015 1871 Geary Rd Map and Directions | Register Description: Come join us and have an opportunity to ignite your  Intuition and Super Powers quickly. Come play and grow. Discover what those Super Powers are. This evening will be a catalyst for insights and deep wisdom.Consider what a quantum leap into your ... More
Jack Houck started giving “PK Parties”. A scientist working as an engineer in the space program – doing his own research project. Testing metal and the effects of PK – Psychokinesis. Can the human mind can influence or impact, change the actual structure or strength of metal? A good question, wouldn’t you agree? So, as a good scientist – keeping ... More
Want to be inspired? What have you done to create that for yourself? What conversations are you having? What books, talks, groups are you hanging out with? Are you watching tv? Reading newspapers? Some teachers say – don’t do that. I don’t agree. I say, limit your watching, and choose your papers and the time you read the news carefully. ... More
Really. Why? Why learn to bend metal with your mind? Why learn to melt metal with mind power? The better question is… why not? If you currently doubt you can do it.. then you owe it to yourself to join the party and learn to break through that limiting thought. And, while you are breaking that…. you can release a ... More
  There is a system demonstrating a fusion of esoteric sciences with quantum physics and the development of intuition. Its called “The Cosmic Mandate.”© Beginning with the Master Sciences – Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Kaballah, Graphology, Radionics, healing arts, Mind Radiations (aka Brain Radiations), levels of the mind and Dream Interpretation, Initiations of the Soul, Esoteric of holistic healing work, work ... More
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