2024 Calendar Theme:  Create A Healthy, Happy Year!

Message from JacQuaeline. . .

Each year I create what I a stunningly beautiful calendar. The images are actual photos of SUNLIGHT, fragmented into the RAYS OF THE RAINBOW.

LIGHT, sunlight in particular is healing energy. Each color of the spectrum carries with it a unique frequency or ‘energy’ which can help brighten your day. Just think about how you feel when you see a rainbow in the sky. Hard to stay depressed when you see it. 

Order NOW while supplies last.  Choose either Desktop or Wall hanging. 

Also I took the time to enter the FULL MOON and NEW MOON dates and times for a quick reference! 

Rainbow Light Photography by JacQuaeline

Each image is actual Rainbows from Sunlight streaming into my living room. The Rainbows
are then filtered through various crystals to create the stunningly beautiful images of ‘dancing light’.

Perfect on your desk or wall with monthly affirmations made into these Beautiful Calendars.  Each time you glance at the images throughout the year you see dancing sunlight that will brighten your day.

“This year, I created two size options:  desktop & a wall calendar which you can write in notes for yourself.

Wishing you a brilliant, joy filled, healthy New Year!”  Enjoy, JacQuaeline

Be inspired each month by the beautiful photos capturing REAL SUNLIGHT  through crystals. Each month, view a beautiful splash of dancing rays of light captured for you.  Inspirational messages added below the photos  empower, support, encourage and project healing energy. It is my intension that when you glance at the date, you’ll feel a smile in your heart and remember the magic of life everyday.

Desk Calendar is size:   
At end of year, cut the calendar off and you are left with a beautiful litte flip chart with an image and an affirmation at the bottom of each page. 



Wall Calendar gives you space to make notes for you or your family.     
2021 Wall Calendar Sample 4/21


This is a great holiday gift for yourself & others but supplies ARE limited!

Purchase your beautiful Rainbow Art Calendar – (USA & Canada). (Other locations must arrange and confirm delivery instructions and costs.)

Images from past calendars:  

Use this powerful and beautiful tool to uplift you everyday.  This stunningly beautiful wall hanging or countertop~desk accessory is a brilliant addition to any room or office. It has clean lines, breath taking, beautiful RAINBOW LIGHT IMAGES with monthly affirmation suggestions.
Words or ideas to inspire and remind you – there is magic –
YOU are connected to higher realms of spirit, love, god and 

Wouldn’t you like to be EMPOWERED, PROTECTED & INSPIRED every day?
In addition to the beautiful photos of real sunlight captured in photos through crystals, the calendars will give you heads of up moon cycles, full and new moon events when energy is intense.  For less than $2 per month, this makes a perfect gift for yourself and loved ones.  re for this masterful, beautiful calendar that could seriously help you “Activate Joy & Health” all year long.

JacQuaeline created something magical & stunningly beautiful … 

Sunlight is nurturing, healing and a powerful life giving energy.

This is a Desk top Calendar     Place this on a desk, cabinet, bookshelf OR you can hang it on the wall…  the size is approximately 8.25 inches wide, 4 inches tall.  or  you can get a wall calendar size 6.5″ x 8.5″.



Take 3 minutes a day to focus on a beautiful rainbow photograph along with a theme.  As you meditate, the rainbow light soothes your mind and balances your energy.  Joy, Happy, Balance, Peaceful…Reminders of your beauty, your inner light….with a little inspiration thrown in.

 Example of Wall Hanging Calendar for 2021:  

April 2021:

2021 Wall Calendar Sample 4/21

April Statement:  Be Passionate. Focus. Take Baby Steps
The Universe Rewards Action!

~~~~  ~~~~

Now, if you were to do just that – write down goals, see them, FEEL THEM – that would be amazing.. 3 minutes a day….   add a beautiful photo of all the real rainbow colors, not something synthesized… these are photos I took of SUNLIGHT through a crystal prism – beautiful!

Each month you’ll have a new focus statement and real SUNLIGHT fragmented into beautiful Rainbow Light Images.

Desktop Calendar: (size approx: 4″ tall ~ 8.5″ wide)  

Wall Hanging Calendar:  (size approx: 13″ tall when fully opened ~ 8.5″ wide, ) 

PLUS –  These Rainbow Art Calendars indicate the Full Moon and New Moon Dates!

I added a notation for each New Moon and Full Moon Date. I invite YOU to join in the global phone or internet live guided meditation on the New and Full Moons..  its very cool – I’ve now had people calling in from every continent on this planet… how do I know?  there’s a tracker on the site and when I started this in 2007, well, over a decade of time, its been awesome.  So, we take a moment to focus on world balance, peace and healing together as a collective.   And, people who join the group energy live or by recording consistently report how they ‘feel’ the power.    Second reason for the listing of the moon events is – be extra cautious during those dates.  There’s a documented truth that on the full moon, crime rates increase, accidents increase… stuff happens.  So, if you only meditate once or twice a month; choose the day before or that day to balance and ground through a meditation.  Purchasing the calendar supports this work.  What you put out comes back multiplied when you are in balance and understand the principles.  So a purchase of this beautiful desk or hanging calendar helps support the program.  Join me in helping to raise the consciousness of the world… and while you are doing that, gain more balance and light yourself.  Its a great deal and THANK YOU in advance for your participation and contribution.

SPECIAL NOTE:    We do need to charge sales tax for Nevada residents.  Delivery to USA mainland/Hawaii/Alaska is only  $4.00 for postage & handling. Same for Canada.  (However, outside of USA & Canada delivery may be higher shipping/postage/handling cost)  If ordering from OUTSIDE of USA, please email to verify that we can ship to your location and to verify the shipping costs – include your address and method you want to use for shipping when you ask!)

The Rainbow Artwork contained in these calendars are actual PHOTOGRAPHS of REAL SUNLIGHT captured through Crystals. JacQuaeline says, ‘That’s part of the ‘Magic’ of having, using and potentially doing the suggested three minute meditations that go along with each month of the calendar.  Imagine, just three minutes of focus on these beautiful images daily or even just a few times a month. Some is better than none. These images are not computer created.

There are SEVEN colors in rainbow, and each color has its own significance.
Red – Energy, Physical Strength, Stamina
Orange – Courage, Inner Strength
Yellow – Wisdom, Joy, Clarity in Thought Process
Green – Growth,  Balance, Healing
Blue – Calm, Peaceful Emotions, Inner Peace
Indigo – Expansion Into Omnipresence, Insights, Wisdom
Violet – Spirituality, Awakening to Other Dimensions

Comments from 2019 & 2020 & 2021~ Calendar Owners:

I didn’t think I would use the calendar, but the monthly suggestions of focus are really amazing. I found it relaxing to do the three minute meditations focusing on the beautiful artwork. Just like you said, ‘I felt empowered’ and my life really took off in a positive way last year.  Can’t wait for my next year calendar!  Elizabeth H, Berkeley, CA

I love this. Especially to track moon cycles. Its beautiful! Each month is better than the next. Lights up my joy when I really look at the photos. Makes me ‘want’ to take the three minutes you suggested to do this mini-meditation.  Thank you!  Roberta C., Palo Alto, CA

Great calendar! I got it as a gift. Didn’t think I’d enjoy it but the artwork has been great to have on my desk. Paul S., Sedona, AZ

Special note:  Shipping to locations outside of USA mainland required special shipping arrangements and cost. If you are wanting a calendar delivered outside of USA mainland, (including Hawaii and Alaska) then please contact the office through email with shipping instructions – you will need to pay for those costs. If you want special delivery, please contact the office by phone or text: 310-710-8126 during business hours 10am-6pm Pacific Time Zone.  Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful ‘LIGHT FILLED’ healthy and joy filled new year!  ~JacQuaeline

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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
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