4 Ways to Take Advantage of Solstice

Monday, June 20th gives us a Full Moon and the Summer Solstice – the day of the year where we have the most amount of daylight in Norther Hemisphere.  Image being on a stage and having a spot light shining on you.  Now, imagine another two spotlights pointed directly on you at the same time from different directions.  The shadows disappear.   Energetically that’s huge.

  1. Meditate today or tomorrow, specifically focus on the solstice, and the full moon.  I’ll be leading a group via phone, details:  1-712-832-8300   code: 23432#  @ 5:15pm PDT (8:15pm EDT)
  2. Review your new years resolutions from Jan. 1.  Review first 6 months and set intentions for next six.
  3. Take advantage of JacQuaeline’s Solstice Special Offer – this week only) details:  click here to see Special Offer
  4. Join JacQuaeline next Saturday via phone/internet to review/release/set intensions for the second half of this year. (60 – 90 minute virtual reality class).

Energetically, its as if our shadow side (fears, limitations, doubts, negativity) may be momentarily eliminated.  Or, the shadow side is lit up so we can ‘see’ it for what it is.  All things are gifts.  All shadow parts are or were there initially for a reason and can help us grow, develop and enhance our own nature.

Now is a great time to transform, focus and gracefully succeed.

Now is the time for bold action.  All action is preceded by thought.  Meditate today.

And, finally, if you are not yet registered for my “Meditation Secrets” webinar, call me at 310-710-8126 or send me a personal note to:  jq3@intuitionpower.com, Subject line:  Meditation webinar request


That’s it folks!    Be well and enjoy the day, the light and this new season.

Blessings and Namaste,


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During a reading/forecast I told Carol she needed to put her resume together in terms of her becoming something like… like a V.P. of the Bank she was working for. She looked visibly uncomfortable with the thought and said, “you’ve got to be kidding, I could never do that.” So, in asking her a few questions – she told me she did special projects but that’s not close to the V.P. type job.’ So, I said, “well, you have exactly three months to follow the current VP around, learn and watch what he does and how he does it”. And again I said, “in three months, 3 men will enter your bank. It will be obvious to you who I’m talking about. I want you to hand them your resume. You’ll get a new job and it will be something like Vice President.”Carole called me six months later from her new office. She told me she was hired by the three men and was now V.P. of their new bank. She said she NEVER would have been prepared and couldn’t imagine ever being ready if it weren’t for the things I told her in her reading.

So my question to you is…

Are you prepared?
Do you have a consultant who has a great track record for accuracy on timing of events, dollar amounts.. someone who can read you at the soul level so there is a potential alignment for soul mission, vision and purpose to be supported? Have you checked in for a reading in the last six months or year?

If not – you might be like Carol, except you don’t know what you don’t know.

Carol - Bank V.P.
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