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JacQuaeline started her coaching business in 1996. She has had the privilege to work with fabulous, creative individuals. If you or your team have high aspirations; or just need to shortcut your way to success then she may be the perfect solution. She was a prestigious SuccessTracs Coach with Peak Potentials and earned a coaching award for her work in 2004.  At that time Peak Potentials hired the top 2% of coaching talent in North America. JacQuaeline strives for real world, measurable results by monitoring and transforming the emotions, reactions, mental stresses that interfere with focus. Her private coaching often takes on a mentorship role and can include significant contacts to other experts in order to help reach goals quickly.

This is not group coaching.  Each client, whether personal or business, receives a highly customized program specific to their needs.

JacQuaeline’s coaching is an fabulous investment even if you’re on a tight budget and need support.


Jacquaeline radio host

‘JacQuaeline’ on 93.5fm weekly radio shows ‘Visionaries In Business’ & ‘Magical Moments’

JacQuaeline was proud to host several weekly radio talk shows in Los Angeles and Southern California. “MasterMind Hour”, “Magical Moments” and “Visionaries In Business” were broadcast over a six year period. The last program was aired on the ‘Nightengale Conant’s Personal Achievement Radio Station in Los Angeles’. She has appeared on a variety of television specials, from Canada’s CBC, ‘Man Alive” Special on the New Age in Southern California, to American national specials on NBC, the Learning Channel and others. Recently she’s been listed as a referral in the prestigious book  ‘Becoming Psychic’ by Dr. Stanley Kripner – an outstanding researcher known world wide for his contribution in the field of mind sciences.




Throughout her career, JacQuaeline has consistently taught personal empowerment programs sharing a wide variety of tools and concepts. Whether it was her year long course called, “Transformation: From Theory to Action”, or her corporate keynotes or trainings such as “7 Steps to Outperform Yourself”’, or the dozens of Intuitive or Esoteric Courses she created and taught over her career — her focus and desired outcome has always been results over theory. Being creative, she maintains an extensive list of courses which she has developed and taught.

INTUITIVE/ SENSITIVE (Personal & Business Forecasting….)

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As a Professional Intuitive JacQuaeline integrates her special gifts in all her work. Whether it be in the boardroom with corporate executives, giving motivation speeches to Military personnel, coaching or specifically giving forecasts, her intuition has proven to be consistently accurate, especially with forecasting events and timing.

She’s worked on various crime and missing children cases with the L.A. Sheriffs department. JacQuaeline worked with an exclusive team named ‘United Sensitives of America’ (USofA) participating with security for the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. She’s been quoted by the L.A. Times and been called upon for predictions of world wide events by major magazines.

She was not aware of any intuitive/psychic or special phenomenon when she was young. In fact, she was creatively blocked and quite shy. She found herself curious and at age 23 after having a ‘Tarot Reading’, she started studying personal awareness. Her mentors said ‘your mind is limitless.’ You can learn and train your mind and intuition to be helpful to humanity, with accurate insight and forecasts…anyone can.


JQ + Tuning Forks 4-08

‘JacQuaeline’ demos Sound Healing with 14 Meridian Tuning Forks @ event

Pretty amazing. Utilizing sound (tuning forks) which are calibrated to the 14 meridian flows of the body and to practice the Seven Chi Keys, this is a remarkable system which works through the acupuncture system (without needles). JacQuaeline has 25 years of training and integrated dozens of healing modalities into the system developed by the Institute for Applied Kinesiology in Arizona. She is on the referral list of healing practitioners at the Saybrook Institute and is listed as a reference in the book “Becoming Psychic” by Dr. Stanley Krippner. Dr. Krippner is a world authority in phenomena, psi and healing research. In 2003 she was invited to Tokyo, Japan by the top metaphysical seminar company to teach several seminars entitled “Healing with Sound/Tuning Forks & E.S.P.”  The trip included these methods of  healing work on individuals. This miraculous process restructures the etheric energy system, chakras and meridians for powerful release of stress on many dimensions so the body can energize and heal itself. It’s a remarkable experience with long lasting results.

If you have stress on any level, consider contacting JacQuaeline to discuss this process as a possible solution to help alleviate the cause, cellular memory patterns that perpetuate your body/mind distress.  Change and growth is stressful.  This system helps to relieve stress so the body can regenerate.

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When you are ready for rapid growth and are willing to do it easily – contact JacQuaeline.

Outer world success is a reflection of what’s going on inside.

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During a reading/forecast I told Carol she needed to put her resume together in terms of her becoming something like… like a V.P. of the Bank she was working for. She looked visibly uncomfortable with the thought and said, “you’ve got to be kidding, I could never do that.” So, in asking her a few questions – she told me she did special projects but that’s not close to the V.P. type job.’ So, I said, “well, you have exactly three months to follow the current VP around, learn and watch what he does and how he does it”. And again I said, “in three months, 3 men will enter your bank. It will be obvious to you who I’m talking about. I want you to hand them your resume. You’ll get a new job and it will be something like Vice President.”Carole called me six months later from her new office. She told me she was hired by the three men and was now V.P. of their new bank. She said she NEVER would have been prepared and couldn’t imagine ever being ready if it weren’t for the things I told her in her reading.

So my question to you is…

Are you prepared?
Do you have a consultant who has a great track record for accuracy on timing of events, dollar amounts.. someone who can read you at the soul level so there is a potential alignment for soul mission, vision and purpose to be supported? Have you checked in for a reading in the last six months or year?

If not – you might be like Carol, except you don’t know what you don’t know.

Carol - Bank V.P.