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Coach Award from T.Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Coaching Program

Ready for a gentle but powerful push forward?  Need help with focus, prioritizing options, getting them done?  Are you stressed out, wasting time and under producing?  Would you like to feel productive, focused and flow with joy, grace and ease?  Are you living the life you really want?  And most important:  Do you feel on track with your LIFE PURPOSE,  your Soul Mission?  If you have a business, are you in alignment with your business Vision/Mission Statements?  Can you relate to ANY of these questions?  And finally, how much joy, play and LOVE is really integrated into your concept of success and daily lifestyle?

Many goals are result oriented – good stuff, right?  YES!  And, life is ALSO about the JOURNEY.  My SUCCESS EXPRESSWAY Coaching program makes every day rich, rewarding and filled with magical moments… reduced stress which gives you more energy and focus, which gives you better results.

Whether your goal is financial gain, stress reduction, relationship start or transition, health support. this website gives you tools – the Art of Meditation: a fifteen day Challenge;  Release Negative/Limiting Habit Patterns in 21 days (this program really works!); the Intuition Power™ training program, Master Mind Alliance Programs  or THIS – Personal, One-To-One Coaching Support for very personal, gentle feedback, insight, support and growth.

NOW is the best time to give yourself some powerfully focused (yet gentle) support that will give you new tangible and measurable RESULTS Quickly!

So, if you’re wanting ‘more’ or something ‘different’ then what you currently have,


Success Expressway Coaching creates Success; balance & empowerment from the inside-out.   Think about it…

  • Creative Options & Opportunities – you don’t know what you don’t know
  • Ability to Prioritize & Focus, identify short and long term steps
  • Better Clarity – eliminate distractions
  • Take appropriate, timely action steps
  • Identify and REMOVE blocks, overcome obstacles
  • Accountability
  • Soul Path Focus – Dream work at its best
  • Awakening the Genius Within
  • Create better habits
  • Bridge between business and spirituality, the roots create the fruits
  • Living Your Higher Truth – Authentically Strong, Courageous, Loving, Discerning.

As your coach, JacQuaeline will personally review your plan and/or assists you in the creation process of that plan with a balance of personal and business/work in mind.   You’ll have a projected timeline that has the advantage of her accurate intuitive/psychic skills.  The program offers a gentle balance between focus, fun and firm accountability with ongoing inspiration, empowerment, motivation, encouragement and support.

Most clients make radical shifts as they realize solutions and options. Oftentimes, those options are presented as a totally new concept; seeming to come from left field, out of the blue.  Yet, the timing and guidance begins to make sense as clients realize why JacQuaeline is considered a true catalyst for success.

By visiting JacQuaeline’s ‘LinkedIn profile’, you can view an array of testimonials of her work.

Are you bold enough to step forward and begin turning dreams into reality?

The roots create the fruits.

What do you want?

Do you know what you need?

Are you making steady progress toward realizing your innermost goals & dream?

Do you have a great balance in your life?  Are you happy, content, living with joy and gratitude?

The time is NOW!

If you think you CAN

YOU CAN!   And, Coaching will help you get there!

Working with both the inside and the outside of consciousness, habits, awareness; gentle yet very firm accountability, inspiration and mastermind celebration, JacQuaeline teaches you to celebrate life daily as you develop the habit of joy, optimism and actualize new levels of success.

This is a high accountability, personalized program to support you in the transition or transformation to greater levels of success and balance in your professional and personal life.

JacQuaeline dreaming

JacQuaeline has over thirty years of in-depth mind skills training and Professional Clairvoyant Skills.

If you are ready to live a fuller, happier, healthier life with greater ease, then contact JacQuaeline via email or call:  310-710-8126  leave name, #, message as to interest in product or services.

Is YOUR coach psychic?  Can your COACH cheat by looking into your future and help you with accurate forecasts of timing, numbers, etc.  Please look at the Linked in comments from clients.  Some testimonials are listed on the right hand side of this page.  Please check them out.

More Details. . .

START NOW: Success Formula for 2nd half of 2023

Contact JacQuaeline for details on a customized program to help you live a better life.

phone: 310-710-8126
Monday – Friday  10am – 4pm Pacific Time

~ read on ~


FACT:  Integrate spiritual principles into daily activities and you get successful, measurable results.
Hi, I’m JacQuaeline.  Change is another word for growth.  Want to grow?  I have developed an approach or system that always works with my clients and students.

Question:  Are you happy with your accomplishments or results so far this past year?    Are you focused, making progress, getting inspirational input, stimulation & positive support..  on a regular basis?  Are you in the relationships which are supportive and happy?

Or do you feel like you are climbing a mountain with too much to do or too many directions …. unfocused or going in circles,  not always knowing WHAT to do – or what to do FIRST?    Have you been enjoying a good balance between business life, personal relationships?

Creativity:   How about personal life…    Are you dating – (even if you are married? – dating your spouse that is!)   Do you have  romance that’s alive and healthy/steamy?   Do you realize every day, every moment is a result of your creative choices… … what you choose to wear is your art… what you eat.. or cook.    Creativity is not just writing, or drawing or painting, doing art, music, or  dance.  Creativity, creative expressions is all that and its more.  Its your choices, each and every one of them…your creating your life.  I invite you to be the artist, explore the passion, possibilities and thrive.

So, here’s a couple of question for you…  Are you focused on financial freedom….?  Are you developing a business; wanting to lose that 5, 50 or 100 pounds? Are you raising children or care taking elders… ?  Do you have ‘something deep inside, maybe buried with a label, ‘someday’.

Whatever the project.. the desire, the goals.. the dreams…. are you actively celebrating life and successes each and every day?  Are you shifting or creating new better habits?  Do you realize that being happy can actually be a result of better habits in life as well of a daily sense of focused accomplishment and acknowledgement?

Do you have SUCCESS HABITS for –

– Are you using your time well?

– Do you manage your money for financial freedom?

– Are you proactive with your health and fitness ?

– Are you celebrating relationships – personal and business?

– Do you acknowledge your creative integration?

Issue:  Practice does not make perfect…  Practice makes permanent!

Solution:  Work with a Great Coach.

If you think/feel that you might be missing some FOCUS or CLARITY, then STOP losing precious time.   Help is HERE.   Time is our most precious commodity.     Were your activities in the past 12 months helping you to move along your real spiritual/creative path – –  your life mission, vision and divine purpose?    I hope so…  and, yes or no, I invite you to consider working with me because I am definitely a catalyst.  Ready or not – we move.  If you feel you are not ready – even more reason to start coaching NOW, not later.  In fact, the only time that really exists is THIS MOMENT, THIS NOW!  I urge you; don’t waste time.  If you have fear or are short on cash flow or savings, be honest up front and we normally focus 100% on what you can do NOW in order to earn at least the month for coaching plus.  You can and will make progress as the clients listed below did.  I promise there are no judgements good/bad, etc.  I know wealthy people who lost everything, I’m talking – everything – homes/investments, etc. and had to start over with less then $3k, to cover food and rent for the next month.  Stuff happens sometimes.  That happened to another client once and by the end of her first year she was able to buy a 4 wheel drive to support her new tourist business on the island of Kauai, Hawaii!  By the end of her second year in business she was making a good profit – she kept showing up and stretching, taking baby step action steps and by four years she met her now husband, got land and started a retreat center.  She used her last few hundred dollars on coaching.  She didn’t have a job; didn’t have money for next months rent and she chose coaching and her life turned around.  And, I won’t work with just anybody. Sorry.  If in our initial conversation I get that I am not the one to support you, I will do my best to give you some quick guidance and actions steps.

Here’s how to make THIS YEAR the most powerful year of your life so far!   Start with the COMMITMENT to ‘make it happen’.


NOW is the time to activate the Law of Attraction/abundance, Spiritual Principles of success and find the courage to make changes in your life.  JacQuaeline says, “Create a plan, set a course of action with a timeline.  And remember that meaningful success comes from within.  The roots create the fruits.”

A simple way to keep on track is to have a guide, a coach and an accountability partner.   Integrating spiritual growth with conscious action steps day by day, week by week guarantees movement toward greater personal and professional success.

At the beginning of each year we are taught to set intentions and create new years resolutions.  But statistics prove that it’s not that easy to follow through.   Not on your own.  Make this year count.

Here are some steps… (& if you need help with any of these, JacQuaeline can lead/guide you through each step!)

1.  Meditate with a specific question – what, when, why

2.  Set a goal, make a plan with a timeline.

3.  Take consistent action steps and make it happen. (daily/weekly/monthly)

Easy, right?  But have you done it?    Are you totally committed to your own growth and success?

If you are STUCK at any of the above stages? Then make it easy on yourself, ask JacQuaeline for help.   You’ll be amazed at how JacQuaeline can cut through issues FAST and help you bottom line your issues.   You get very clear so you CAN move forward with purpose and FOCUS!

  • What is your deepest heart felt yearning/desire/passion?
  • What could bring more joy into your life?
  • What do you want?
  • What inspires you?
  • How can you live a life that has meaning?
  • Are you ready to break through to a new level of Success?
  • Would you like to work smarter, not harder?
  • Want to make more money doing what you love?

If you are not sure about any of these questions above, call JacQuaeline and let her help you.


Create new Life Balance.   Increase your income.  Find the love you are seeking.  Get past blocks, reasons, excuses.  Be the true ‘life’ artist and enjoy the journey more.
Make progress on your life mission… manifest it in the real world.

SuccessExpressway Coaching by JacQuaeline is . . .

Private Coaching with the advantage of working with a highly trained intuitive on a regular basis.  Identify and create laser beam focus on goals.  JacQuaeline will help you lock onto you Success.

Additional benefits people have reported. . .(in addition to career success & spiritual growth)

  • Reduced STRESS, improve health and energy
  • Increase net worth/income.
  • Conceived of and started a successful new business
  • Created free time and enjoy it.  (Release guilty feelings.)

You CAN and WILL make progress starting your first week!   You CAN stay on track.  You WILL shift nonsupporting behaviors, habits and create new strategies, habits and behaviors that will get you the results you are looking for.

You will see results –  GUARANTEED!

The universe rewards action!

Successful people think long term!

Take this opportunity to invest in your own future.


 Start here. . . Success begins from within


Today IS the first day of the rest of your life.    Take a few minutes to meditate *  – start with intention for clarity and then go with clear focused intent – go deep, deep inside your own spirit – find a silent place – into the depths of your own still, quiet CENTER.  This is your power point.  From there, emerge and start writing for a few minutes – Journal – write out your dreams for your life for 3 years and for one year from today.  Take the time to do this today.  Time is your most precious resource.

It’s your imagination, your desire, your life – your possibility thinking.   Find a balance. If you meditate and still feel you need more balance – continue doing it again later or tomorrow.  Read something uplifting.  Keep your spirits UP!   Step two – come back tomorrow.  Journal – write – just start.

Know that anything you can dream, you may be able to achieve.  And, it takes commitment of heart and spirit and resources.   This is where coaching saves time and where it helps create clear focus which creates amazing results for people.  It’s too easy to say  – I want this or I want to do that.  It’s too easy to get distracted or discouraged.  It’s too easy to get tired if you’re on the journey by yourself.   If you want personal help, contact JacQuaeline directly or show up on the next global meditation – see  She leads these currently for free, twice a month.

There’s nothing more powerful then being centered from within.


success tracs award

JacQuaeline was presented with a Coaching Award from T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials in 2004!  She started her official coaching practice in 1995 and had been teaching and consulting as a full time intuitive/psychic in both the corporate business and personal arena since 1982.

Specializing in coaching success oriented business men and women who want to make a difference…. Especially those people who are cultural creatives – those special individuals who are truly here to make a difference – live up to their own full potentials and influence others and society.  I also have a great affinity for those health care and service industries.  Holistic and complimentary medicine is truly needed more and more.  Its my joy to help those who have dedicated their careers or are exploring a career in that arena, to help you discover  Are you interested in making this year exponentially better than last year? Would you like a bit less stress, more time through better focus; more fun with better health! YES!

In addition to Health Care Practitioners, I also coach entrepreneurs, visionaries in business, leaders, managers, artists/actors, info-preneurs of just people needing or wanting a change. When you want to take your career, business, project or life to a new level of success on a financial, health, relationship, creativity and spiritual levels. Balance and achieving joy, success and great progress takes energy, focus and effort. Coaching support from me is powerful.  I help you create doable baby steps that help you begin to realize your dreams of a more productive, lucrative business with less stress and more time off!  We achieve one baby step at a time.  I motivate you, keep you on track and wildly applaud your successes!

JacQuaeline, 310-710-8126

checkWant to make more money fast?

checkWant to balance out your time?

checkWant to reduce STRESS?

checkDo you need to break out of any old patterns?

BEFORE YOU MAKE A DECISION, please look and listen to the comments from the following three clients. . .

Read what Dr. McCloud has to say…..

MapI started business coaching about a year and a half ago. I went through four coaches and it wasn’t until I started with JacQuaeline about four and a half months ago that I really started seeing some results. I have found that my business has increased by about 15% in the last four and a half months. and it is continuing to increase. She gives me excellent ideas and marketing advice and she really holds me accountable which is what I need. So I just want to say Thank you JacQuaeline. -Dr. Nance MacLoud Ontario, Canada

• Coaching with ‘JacQuaeline’ is life changing!

• Step by step you are guided to new levels of achievement…keeping in mind the need for balance, joy, fulfillment and success!

MapHello, my name is Dr. Kelly Martin of Boulder Co. In the first month of working with JacQuaeline as my success coach I had several financial breakthroughs. I brought in 18 new patients sold out of my health class and grossed more money than I have in the past two years. JacQuaeline is extremely supportive and driven and I now that she will help me to be my best.  Thanks so much.

• JacQuaeline draws out the Successful Entrepreneur and Visionary in you.

• She helps you to overcome fears and limitations that keep us from achievement.

• You will realize more of your true potential!

During my first year of coaching with JQ I set a goal for a chunk of money and I actually made more than double that. My stress, my anxiety level in all areas of my life have improved. my friends have told me I’m calmer and more focused. Before working with JQ I sort of had a dream of starting my own business. But now it’s really a reality. I’m taking action steps to create my new business and have a new found total confidence that it will be a total success. -Karen Nagumo, lisenced massage practitioner,
DesMoines, WA

I invite you to contact me.  I assess where you are in relation to your goals, visions, mission, purpose… Clarity on this is your first key.  I quickly help you bring clarity to those issues and help you develop a doable step by step approach to balanced living which integrates your personal/professional progress and success.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready to see results – your business growing very quickly.

Live life fully,

“America’s Foremost Intuition Skills Trainer”
(310) 710-8126   Call Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm Pacific time zone; or write:


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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada