Experience this SuperPower: YES YOU CAN! Spoon Bending Party #411


On Saturday, July 25th, the Institute for the Advancement of Science and Consciousness sponsered JacQuaeline to present  Official PK Party #411 was a great success.   We had 100% bending at the Kindergarden Level.  Many High Schoolers who needed more time to buckle the bowl, but the one true SKEPTIC in the crowd was the first to accomplish that phenomena.  And he did buckle several thick spoons!  Funny, right?!!   And about 50% of coin sticking to the walls…. fun…wierd and hey, it happened.  And then the College Bending went better than usual.  A high percentage of minute movements… ‘the little ‘tines’ on the fork moved.’ Or, the stem slighly curver where the two forks were completely the same shape before the final ‘BEND & MELT’.  Fantastic.  Everyone had FUN and remarked that they now know how to do it… and trust that if they practice, they will do it.  The best part is knowing that everyone who came, ‘got’ the concept of the 3 steps it takes to make it happen.  And I think they also got how they can use those same steps in the rest of their lives.  Connect, Focus/Command, Let Go!  Adding to those three the ‘high emotional impact’ that we created in class.. awesome!   Bottom line..  if you can do that… what else is possible?

Truly experience the safe, fun..  YES YOU CAN experience!  Contact JacQuaeline about co-creating an official  “PK Party” near you!     YES YOU CAN!

next PK Party in Anaheim, CA, Nov. 21, 2015:

see videos, click on this link:   PK Party #412 (Spoon Bending, Psychokinesis)

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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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