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Are you ready to have some positive, permanent changes in your life?
Do you have a strong desire for a happier, healthier life? 

If your answer is YES, then you’re in the RIGHT PLACE!

What if I told you, you can easily feel grounded, calm during ongoing pressure
for the rest of your life through a twelve week/3 month training that absolutely
transforms your life.

One more question:  Have you ever felt you needed to ‘know’ ~
            but you didn’t know ‘what’ you needed to know? 

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above ~ you’re in the right place.


Intuition Power Training  

by JacQuaeline

This twelve week/3 month transformative course begins June 2022.
This IS the perfect time to experience this personal transformative program.
Don’t wait till the Fall to begin..  Get through this program NOW and
watch the second half of this year transport you to a whole new life filled with
amazing synchronicities, better health, sweeter relationships,
more positive insights than ever before.

Course Information:

  • This program is based on the “Evolution of Consciousness”.
  • You will be guided through the “Cosmic Mandate” – a series of insightful multi-dimensional maps for rapid soul growth.  The Cosmic Mandate “charts’ are easy to follow yet are unique and an important part of this transformational healing and rapid growth activity this course offers. The Cosmic Mandate Blueprint or Map serves as a catalyst for the new perspectives that allows you to effectively grow and shift your awareness positively & quickly.
  • Each week builds step by step. Starting with helping to create a firm new connection and physical grounding, each week takes you to a new level of insights and ‘ah-ha’ moments as you continue to explore possibilities of awareness. 

Exercises to Awaken E.S.P.  =  Intuition Power™

E –  Expand Your Awareness
S – Balance Your Sensitivity
P – Refine Your Perception

This program powerfully enhances people’s lives.

     This course unique because it is based on the “Cosmic Mandate Blueprint”.  This blueprint or map which reveals a pattern for rapid growth of awareness, also referred to as the Evolution of Consciousness.
     Step by step you will be given fundamental exercises starting with your five senses:  

See – Taste – Touch – Smell – Hear
plus sixth sense 

You’ll learn to activate, refine and apply:

Telepathy & Non-verbal methods of thought transferrance/perception
including communication with animals
Transferring Consciousness to Different Parts of the Body
Clearing Subconscious Patterns which inhibit or restrict intuitive perception
Perception into Personalities beyond physical visual clues
Exploration of spiritual guides & alternative ‘guidance’ from life
Increase Inner Sense of TRUST
Recognize and Increase Self Creativity

We will be activating a conscious connection to your subconscious mind.  Through a series of simple to do, quick weekly exercises, you will be connecting and refining your awareness.
This program increases your ability to be healthy, aware, creative and grounded.  

With proper ‘training’, people can activate advanced levels of awareness yet apply this ‘creativity’ and ‘sensitivity’ to daily life.    The training helps to create balance so that you have a stronger ability to focus, less susceptible to distractions.

JacQuaeline and her students have developed advanced levels of abilities, but demonstrate ‘better quality of life.   No longer rattled by ‘surprises’ which life can throw at you, the graduates report a new level of ‘equanimity’.  Those students who do the weekly exercises become more “present, not ‘spacey” or  spaced out. They consistently report when ‘stuff happens’, they are able to ‘tune in’ to the cause or positive outcome potentials. Graduates report that Insights into the truth and amazing coincidences occur more consistent after the program.  (Some intuitive development programs expand people’s awareness but not in a way that is well rounded and ‘grounded’.   You’ll learn to deflect or shield out distractions from negative energies from environments or from people.  Also, students are more aware of their body, the foods that energize or deplete them so health oftentimes improves.

Many of these ‘exercises’ (homework) can be done in literally one minute or two minutes at a time.  You will be encouraged to have or refine a daily meditation practice of 15 minutes per day for at least a fifteen day period. Developing and/or refining your meditation practice can give you some very ‘interesting’ results.  The program includes specific meditations for personal empowerment, stress reduction and clearing day to day stresses.  

The awareness/expansion exercises are given to you in a very specific order.  We’ll discuss aspects of how the mind/body works in regard to the brain, memory and habits patterns. This perspective along with the exercises will help to clean and clear away old patterns, behaviors, emotions and thought forms that are holding you back from accessing your greater awareness, creativity, joy and empowerment.  The results are stunning.

Students report major transformation in all areas of their lives.

Well-known as a public trainer & private consultant in the Personal Development field, Michael Benner wrote…
JacQuaeline appeared as a guest on my radio programs in Los Angeles on several occasions.  She is exceptionally knowledgeable and articulate about many Human Potentials topics in business, relationship management, and self-awareness.  She’s also fun and personable.  Don’t miss an opportunity to work with or learn from her.”
Michael Benner, Executive Director, Personal Development Strategies, formerly host/broadcaster on KLOS & KPFK Los Angeles, California.

Stock trader, 50% increase over night!  Hi, I was taking JacQuaeline’s Training Course. I’ve been trading stock for a while and I’ve been doing fairly well but I always do a lot of hemming and hawing before I pick a stock and I have to make sure that everything looks right and the charts look right; I’m more of a technical trader. I bought a stock back in January and just heard about it, did very little pros and cons on it and the next day it was up 50%. That was FANTASTIC! And, little things like that have been happening to me. I think about someone and they call. I think about going to a movie and a friend calls and we go out to the movie. I think about wanting something to eat at a certain restaurant and someone will call and say, ‘How about if I pick up some food from this certain restaurant?” So my life has certainly become more interesting and a lot more fun and I can’t wait to see what happens.  Barbara Patterson.

Physical Health and Vitality • Relationships with Family, Friends & Co-workers • Increased Co-incidences & Synchronicity • A Feeling of Calm  • Tools for Psychic Insights  •
An Increased Sense of Spiritual Connection to Life

 Even people who can be considered already advanced with their level of sensitivity and awareness; some already considered ‘gifted’ report an amazing shift in their ability to be more grounded and have that additional control of when to ‘tune in’ and with more accurate insights.

This time the course goes for 9 weeks.  Two+ months for you to ‘explore, activate and refine’ your own god given talents and awareness.

As you progress through the ‘easy-to-do’ series of awareness exercises you will stretch your imagination, yet feel energized and very grounded, not spacey.  You may experience a deeper sense of relaxation along with a sharper level focus.  Your ‘intuitive hunches, intuitive guidance, intuitive awareness will increase in a supportive manner, not become a distraction.

The course series also integrates goals because intuition is a two way thing.  You’ll learn in the first two classes how important that ‘two way’ concept is and how it really works.  There’s ‘perception’ and ‘projection’.  For every up there’s a down, for every ‘in’ there’s an ‘out’.  Your future and your success is influenced by your thinking, your emotions and intentions.  This course will impact that in a powerful way.  You become more empowered.  Your guidance system will be more effective and you’ll see more magical moments in your life.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

You don’t know what you don’t know –
but developing our intuition will give you an autopilot for success !

Another Students Comments:

I’m used to using my intuition on a daily basis. But there are days when it’s a little bit cloudy. After taking the Program I have found that my intuition is much more reliable than before. It has definitely fine tuned my psychic skills and I’m also able to complete my daily responsibilities much faster and easier than I did before. My experiences of synchronicities occur more often and much faster. The Art of Meditation program I find really helps to clear the screen of my mind so that as I practice my visualization skills everyday that I utilize for healing purposes or to help enhance the quality of my life I notice that it’s much stronger than before. Also I find that everything in life in general is brought into a finer focus and I feel more calm and more confident in everything I do.
Cher Carden, a spiritual reader and holistic practitioner in New York City.



  • This weekly program is currently ‘LIVE & ‘INTERACTIVE’ – NOT Broadcast Only. via ‘Zoom’.


   Life is too short not to do this!
Register Now:

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Intuition Power Training Course…… Spring/Summer Program:  $ 1,500.00

This Special Offer includes the following:

Nine week Intuition Power Training starting March 1st Course :   
SPECIAL 3 month (12 week program):    $1500 – .   
This Spring/Summer Course includes: extras…
Including Downloads:
The Art of Meditation: A Fifteen Day Challenge…..  $   97.00
The Natural Bio-feedback Device downloads…..    $   197.00
TIME MASTERY: Beyond Time Mastery………        $  597.00
                                         Total Enrollment Cost:       $2,391.00*

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48 hours ONLY:   2022  Special Offer :   
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Make One payment today  $ 1,497.00  (not $2,391.00) today only! or make a total of three payments of $597.00 today and in 30 days/30 days.

TODAY ONLY:   First 5 who register TODAY get a private 20 minute coaching session
                       with JacQuaeline.  
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Or make 3 easy payments starting today.
**Note: once downloaded programs are send, no refunds are available. Students will be given the
weekly workbooks each week and if you miss class, if recordings are successful, you will have access to the recording for one week only via internet.

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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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