Solstice – Begin It Now

What’s the big deal about Summer Solstice? Its a day celebrated throughout history in cultures around the world. But what is it and does it really impact you?

Solstice is a time of shift, change of seasons, Spring into Summer or Fall into Winter.   People get naked and frolic in various ways! Ohh-la-la! ( Just checking to see if I still have your attention!)

Technically the planet is traveling on its path around the Sun and the Earth is tilted on an axis. So were’re talking about a relationship between the Earth and the Sun and the life giving light that we receive. Simply put, Summer Solstice is the one day that has the most amount of daytime/daylight for the whole year in that hemisphere.  Scientists recognize this day. Spiritualists and various religious groups acknowledge it both physically and symbolically.

We have the most illumination (light) TODAY and tomorrow (depending on where you are on this planet).

You can take advantage of this ‘energy’. Here’s how:  Take a few minutes to be quiet, close your eyes as in a meditation and relax your body. Check inside with your own inner spiritual connection to source; do some soul searching. Next, write down your goals, intentions, dreams and desires for at least the next six months. Review what you set into motion at the beginning of the year.  Review and Set Intentions and Goals.

The universe rewards action. Do it.  Make it a priority for today or tomorrow.

Use your imagination and inner smile to imagine the end results with positive emotions.

Now, if you have read this so far and agree, good idea, but don’t take action. What else, if anything are you not following through on? Are you ready to grow to a new level of integrity with your desired outcomes? Are you manifesting a powerful life? Do you have support or a support team that is impartial, willing to lovingly call you on your ‘stuff’, your story or reasons why you haven’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t get it done; call you on whatever it is or was? A great coach is a powerful thing to have. Every top athlete knows the value of this truth. Life is the same. If you want to make some changes quickly, minor or major shifts – today and this week, with a new moon on Friday – this is a GREAT time to commit to get help.    Life goes by too quickly. Time is like having a fist full of sand – it can slip through your hand. Don’t waste any time – it’s life itself. Live life fully with focus, balance and joy.   Call me as I offer a special discount for coaching to a limited number of people who want to begin for a four month program. Oh, and did I mention, for the first few people who register to work with me, the Solstice special discount is as low as fifty percent. (limited time/ limited amount of clients accepted at this special) How’s that for a special… If interested or just curious, call me and lets talk.   My contact 310-710-8126 –  JacQuaeline – Happy Solstice! Celebrate life, celebrate LIGHT!  BE healthy, happy and my you feel successful each and every day of your journey.

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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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