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Special Offer for Memorial Day thru Friday, 6/2/2017
My heart goes out to all the relatives and friends of the men and women who have suffered and or lost their loved ones through war and to those who have been impacted and left with wounds of any kind either visible or invisible.

To honor this process of healing and remembrance, I want to offer those who are interested, an opportunity to explore life from another perspective.
Reincarnation and Past Life Karma.

Estimates show that between 25% to 51% of people around the world currently believe in reincarnation.  Karma is the principle that suggests, what goes around, comes around.  But technically there are two kinds of ‘karma’ in regard to past lives.
Sins of Commission and Sins of Omission.   Things that you did and felt guilty about.  Things that you wanted to do and didn’t.
Otherwise, we are all actors on the stage of life.
We are evolving spiritual beings having human experiences.
That being said,
we each have talents and abilities that we’ve developed over time in our soul past experiences.  We have the right to access those talents, abilities and awarenesses when the time is right.
I want to say, the time is NOW if you choose it to be so.

My background in relation to this:
I was trained to give Past Life Readings primarily at the ‘Cosmic Mandate Academy’ in Los Angeles, CA.  1977 – 1981.  The ability is an advanced skill that can be developed with the right dedication, focus, mentorship and processes.

What’s in it for you?
Having a past life reading from a professional who knows ‘how’ to share the information can activate rapid healing, transformational and resolve inner conflict and create better focus.  The information can help you close doors and heal wounds that have gone on for years or decades.  The insights can awaken a new spark or inner power, release creativity and help you move forward when nothing else seemed to have been helping.

By closing doors, healing wounds, learning the answers to unanswered questions about past or current relationships or circumstances – especially life patterns,
you can finally begin new chapters;
complete unfinished projects and
accomplish your life purpose with more clarity and focus.

Have you ever wondered why you connected with a specific person?
Whether it was good or bad – if there was an instant something – you’ve probably known them before.
Immortality Consultation:  Regular price $997.00.
This Special Offer is  $550.00 , save $447 today!

People and Life Patterns.
A good past life reading can give you insights into your life purpose, your soul mission, your karmic challenges, the timing of events. You can learn how to take advantage of opportunities in your future.  To help me prepare the reading,  you give me a list of six people’s names whom you know or have known.  People who have been important to your life in some way – whether good/great or bad/horrible.  People trigger in reaction or response patterns within you.  During the reading I reveal and/or confirm the pattern between you and each person on your list.  I cover your initial relationship and how its playing out now in this lifetime.  These insights help you gain a new perspective giving you a new sense of clarity and understanding.  Healing happens.

Be Prepared.  Be Forewarned.  Live Your Best Life.

NOW is the time to get insights into your future.  Take advantage of oftentimes “unknown options” and timing.  Gain deep insights about your deepest concerns or confirmation of your plans and strategies.  Its Springtime here,  life begins to wake up from the winter slumber.  Its time for movement and rapid growth.
How prepared are you?

The time is NOW!

Special Discount Prices on the following Services are valid for a limited number of orders placed through this Memorial Weekend
May 29, 2017 thru June 2, 2017

 Immortality Consultation:  Regular price $997.00.
This Special Offer is  $550.00 , save $447 today!

Appointments must be booked and completed by June 21, 2017. 
Limited Number of Appointments Available.

This is called:  Immortality Consultation.  (I.C.)
Life Purpose
Soul Mission
Identify Karmic Lessons completed and still need to complete
Review at least six major past lives, their impact on your life today

  • You provide a list of six names of people you know or have known.  (People who have had a major influence in your life either positively or negatively. Those people may or may not be relatives.  They can be alive or dead.)  You don’t have to know them today as it could be someone from your early childhood.  But each person who has had a powerful influence on you directly has probably shared a past life with you.  Family members oftentimes fall into this category.  Colleagues, lovers; sometimes its a person you met once or twice; but they had a powerful impact.
  • I just need their name and a one word description, friend, mother, father, son, daughter, x-boss, etc.  I also want to know if the person is alive or dead – if you know that.    I don’t need any other information of your history with the person..
  • The results of having all this done is a series of ‘Ah-ha’s’.  Sometimes a person will start the session feeling fine and as soon as I get into the karmic relationship with a specific person, suddenly the person bursts out in tears saying, “Where did that come from?”.  Obviously I hit a very sensitive pattern and caused a very deep reaction to ‘something’.   And normally that is an ‘energy’ release that runs very deep inside of you.
    There’s a lot more to the readings.   They are awesome.  And its truly a blessing for me to be able to do this work.  Regarding this, I used to get referrals from the famous ‘Bodhi Tree Bookstore’ in Los Angeles, CA.  I was included in a television special created by “TLC”, The Learning Channel on Reincarnation.  During that show the producer asked me on camera if everyone whom I worked with had to believe in Reincarnation and past lives in order to get help or benefit from the work.  I said, ‘no’.  I told him, ‘I’m not here to convince people about reincarnation.  I personally believe in it; but that took a while for me to truly accept it because I began to remember things during the training.  But if this work is a metaphor in life that creates healing – a catalyst for helping people move forward in life and be more powerful and successful both professionally and in their personal lives, then I’m thrilled.
  • So, all that being said, click the link below to reserve a session for yourself.  Do it now because I can only work with a few sessions for this Special Offer.  Each meeting (reading) takes approx. two hours to present to you.  There’s prep work on my side and follow up included.   Past Life  “Immortality Consultations” usually cost

 Immortality Consultation:  Regular price $997.00.
This Special Offer is  $550.00 , save $447 today!

NOW is a GREAT TIME to take action on this.    
If interested, don’t hesitate.
The universe rewards action!

My Special Gift to YOU
Give yourself (or someone you love) a gift of insight and support
If you have questions on the value of ‘knowing’ and getting support,
please read the testimonials below and many many more on linked in.

FxCam_1288225094219Take this opportunity and progress through 2017 with deeper levels of confidence, insight and support. 

Choose one or both of the offers below – but hurry, there are a limited number of client appointments available.

(A)  Immortality Consultation
(Past Life Karmic Reading/Clearing)  by JacQuaeline

 Immortality Consultation:  Regular price $997.00.
This Special Offer is  $550.00 , save $447 today!


Or, just want a Current Reading for your next Six Months to a Year?  Choose Special Option (B)

(B)  Present Life Insights – Psychic Forecast/Reading
Full Comprehensive Present Life Reading into the upcoming current year and possibly beyond, a one hour Present Life Reading session (regularly $500)
NOW only  $325 (Save $175)  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(B) Psychic Forecast/Reading – experience an accurate psychic* reading beyond generalities – get dates, times and numbers. Gain trustworthy insights into events, directions, decisions, and opportunities you may not be aware of.  Take advantage of opportunities in your future.  And, since you have ‘free will’, these forecasts oftentimes plant seeds of suggestion to take specific action at specific times in order to enjoy greater health, joy and success. 

Example:  Carol B. came in for a forecast reading.  I told her that she was about to have a big shift in her work/career.  Watch for it in three months – I sensed she would get a major new position, like a vice president of something.  She said, ‘I can’t see that happening.’  I ‘tuned in again’ and repeated what I said.  She argued.  I then asked her what she did for work.  She told me she worked in a bank as a Manager of a department.  Again I ‘tuned in’ and finally said.  Okay, Here’s what I see.  In exactly three months you’ll see three men come into the bank.  You have three months to watch the Vice President of your bank and figure out what that person does at that job.  Put your resume together and have it available.  In three months watch for these three men to come into your bank.  This will be obvious to you – you’ll see three men come into the bank, they will be dressed very well.  Approach them and give them your resume.  I moved on with the reading. Six months later I got a call from Carol.  She called to tell me thank you.  Even though she didn’t believe what I told her, she decided to do what I suggested anyway. She studied the VP and learned all about that job.  She put her resume together.  In three months, exactly, she saw three businessmen come into the bank and said she got an unusual feeling and ‘just knew’ it was the men I described her reading.  She introduced herself and handed them an envelope with her resume in it.   She said it was strange but it felt right.  Two weeks later, she was called into their bank for a meeting which turned into an immediate job offer.   She’s now Vice President of their financial institution.  She loves the job, the people and is making a lot more money!  She said she NEVER would have be ready or even considered the option, she was pretty happy with her job before that.  Then she asked me, how did you know?    Um… because I’m psychic and you were having a psychic reading!   

I believe there is free will.  Oftentimes readings help open you to possibilities and guide you to new options.  Get insights into timing, events, people, options. You don’t know what you don’t know…

Intuitive/Psychic Sessions can also give you a healing perspective into  relationships in both your personal and professional life.

Get insights about timing … when to start, when to quit, when to invest, when to move, etc.

You may ask questions about anything, relationships, health, and strategies to handle challenging situations or karmic relationships. What are you curious or concerned about?Now’s the time to explore the answers.

*About JacQuaeline

IMG_0018-225x300As a Professional Intuitive JacQuaeline integrates her special gifts in all her work. Whether it be in the boardroom with corporate executives, giving motivation speeches to Military personnel, coaching or specifically giving forecasts, her intuition has proven to be consistently accurate, especially with forecasting events and timing for changes, investments, moves, opportunities and more.

She’s worked with the Los Angeles, California Sheriff’s Department on various crime and missing children cases. JacQuaeline worked with an exclusive team named ‘United Sensitives of America’ (USofA) participating with security for the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. She’s been quoted by the L.A. Times and been called upon for predictions of world wide events by major magazines.

Client Testimonials: 

Jp LuebsenComputer Software Consultant and Contractor, So. California JP LuebsenIn addition to being one of the most powerful and talented psychics I have known, JacQuaeline has empowered hundreds, if not thousands of people to transform their lives and realize their dreams. It is a privilege to call her my friend.

Michael Benner Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Instructor-Trainer-Speaker, So. California Michael BennerOften called the “Sixth Sense,” intuition is an amazing faculty of human intelligence that everyone has, but few people ever develop. How often have you heard someone exclaim — maybe even YOU, “Oh, I knew that was going to happen, but I talked myself out of trusting my gut feelings.”

Well, when you’re ready to start trusting yourself, contact JacQuaeline. She’s the best at teaching business people and others how to develop your intuition. She’s even hosted radio programs about it.

When it comes to understanding complex and confusing situations in your life, why rely only on deductive thought when you can learn to supplement your understanding with insight and inspiration?

Oh, and if JacQuaeline tells you that she had a feeling you were going to contact her…believe it!

—— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ——
Special Invitation Only Offer: 

    Take Action:  There are a Limited Number of sessions available at these reduced prices. Sessions must be booked and completed within the next three weeks.   Upon receiving payment you will be contacted to schedule your meeting date and time.

Limited number of readings available. (Consultations/readings given by phone or Skype)

Call right now to reserve your appointment. CALL:  310-710-8126 

All appointments from this special offer must be completed by June 21, 2017. There are a limited number of appointments available so don’t delay, register today.


(A) Immortality Consultation:  Past Life Reading:

This work takes time.  Plan on approximately 2 (two) hours.  This is not just ‘information’, this is a deep activation of spiritual insights.  Shifts happen.  Have a box of tissues available near by just in case.  Clearing the past pains allows new positive insights to flow in quickly.  This takes me one hour to prepare or the meeting.

 Immortality Consultation:  Regular price $997.00.
This Special Offer is  $550.00 , save $447 today!

Or, just want a Current Reading for your next Six Months to a Year?  Choose Special Option (B)

(B) Intuitive/Psychic/Tarot Reading & Forecast:

Full Comprehensive Present Life Reading into the upcoming current year and possibly beyond, a one hour Present Life Reading session (regularly $500)
NOW only  $325.00, Save $175 today! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please join the contact list here on this website – usually found near the top right hand side of each page.    I promise I will not bombard you with junk mail and I never rent out or give your contact information to anyone.
Live your best life here and now,  JacQuaeline




Please join the contact list here on this website – usually found near the top right hand side of each page.    I promise I will not bombard you with junk mail and I never rent out or give your contact information to anyone.
Live your best life here and now,  JacQuaeline

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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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