Spoon Bending PK Party Nov 25th! SIGN UP FAST!

CHOICES:  November 25th –  Go shopping OR Transform and EMPOWER your life ?

If you’re local (or want to travel!) I hope you choose Transform and EMPOWER!  If so, here’s how.

Register NOW and assure your attendance at the Spoon Bending PK Party #415 beginning at 1:30pm in Petaluma.

YES YOU CAN!!!   Learn a ‘skill’ and begin to apply it to the rest of your life.  If you can bend metal with your mind; if you can do that – you can do anything.

The four hour program will be a fun filled day of PLAY with meaning.  We’ll begin with a quick background of ‘WHAT IS  PK?   Psychokinesis.  Why learn it?  (Why NOT?)   Why did Jack Houck become the world expert in this research – PK Parties began as a personal research project for Jack, an engineer with Boeing Space Division.    And how the heck do you do the impossible?

If you’ve ever had a dream….  or are living one…  or are purely just curious..   you MUST be in this program (or sponsor one  yourself near you, I’ll travel!)

This class is like learning to ride a bike.  first we give you training wheels –  then we give you a little push;  then you’ve got some independence and personal power.

Its FUN.   Bring friends.    Don’t miss this,

LImited seating, Reserve your space NOW.

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017   begins promptly at 1:30pm-5:30pm

Cost:    Adults  $30,   Children ages 7 – 15 $10,
(If space is available the day of, Cash of $40 – call to verify)

Use THIS link for Adult Tickets:


Paypal link:  https://www.paypal.me/MarienGrace/30

Children Tickets: ($10)  link to be added – please call 310-710-8126 if this link is missing when you register.

**location:   GraceHearth,  35 Century Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952

** Registration ON Nov. 25 at event:  $40 cash at the door, no exceptions; please register before 11/25/17.  Thanks!

Sponsored by :     Marien Grace

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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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