Spoon Bending Party (Training – Live, Interactive & FUN!)
(technically: PK = Psychokinesis – how the mind may impact the material world! )
This is the “Official PK Party” Initiated by Jack Houck and Taught by ‘JacQuaeline’
Wait – what?  Are you kidding me?  
Watch this video….
Press the arrow and watch this short video

Official PK Party

Everything in this world is changing.
Prepare ~ REGISTER NOW and save big time! 

April 15 Saturday  zoom: early bird:
(1st 18 people register only $47.00)

– – – – – – – – – – future dates – – – – – – –
May 20,
Saturday  $ 297 – (1st 18 people register only $67.)

June 17, Saturday  $297 – (1st 18 people register only $67.)

July 15, Saturday – (1st 18 people register only $67.)

Break through fear, doubt, hesitation…
Increase your trust in yourself
create the life you want – how ?
Come to the Party (on Zoom)
invite your friends to join too!
This may be THE ULTIMATE
“YES, I CAN” Experience! 
… and FUN.. AMAZING…
Scary… REAL
  Instant Positive~Powerful Shift!

Girl with bent spoon

Spoon Bending Training “PK Party”

Spoon Bending

Spoon Bending PK Party Results

April 15th:  

Overcome Doubt..  
Break through to the EXTRAORDINARY
world of ENERGY that exists all around & through us.
And have outrageous FUN while you’re learning…to  bend reality! 

Manipulating vs Manifesting,

Stop ‘trying’ so hard..
You can ‘ALLOW’ SUCCESS ….
Register Here: 

 April 15th:  Special for 1st 18 people who register:  


I feel its an honor and a privilege to continue Jack Houck’s PK Parties. Although I opened my first human potential, consciousness training center in 1982, Jack Houck’s work was remarkable because he was remarkable. As a scientist he tested the metal, and all the possible factors which might influence this phenomena. After all, he was sending men and women up into outer space in basically a metal can.
so he felt it was his responsibility to explore this phenomena.

As an outcome people go through an instant and real paradigm shift. Even those people who truly believe its possible already. When the metal gets warm and soft in your hands; when the metal becomes soft enough to twist into the shape of a licorice stick, or buckle the bowl of a spoon, or stick coins to the walls; or flatware to the walls… your belief system shifts. 
From then on, is a solid wall solid?  Are bones as solid as they look?

What is reality?  As you are guided step by step through Jack Houck’s Process, lead by JacQuaeline, these things happen…

Overcome Doubt..   Break through to the EXTRAORDINARY world of ENERGY Manipulating & Manifesting.


This program is NOT pre-recorded.
Register NOW!  

  April 15th:   


Don’t hesitate!  What are you waiting for???
Note: The Universe rewards action and commitment – 

Activate your 21st Century Superpowers!    
New and revised PK Parties – with JacQuaeline leading, Trained and encouraged by Jack Houck. Jack, a engineer scientist executive working in the space program initiated the PK Parties as a research project. No faking there…it was science exploring the phenomena, the metal, the mind and interplay.

JacQuaeline and Jack Houck met in the lunch room of a Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s. He told her he was interested in what she was teaching, (Psychic/Intuitive Development Programs and mind sciences, human potential). He felt that understanding some of the things she was teaching might help him discover or break through to the type of technology like in Star Wars or Star Trek – ‘beam me up Scottie’. JacQuaeline went to her first PK Party and continued to help out, volunteer during any local PK Party events that were local. After about 15 years of assisting and interacting with him on various projects, Jack said, ‘You should lead these PK Parties’. A few years later she picked up the baton at PK Party #386. Since then she has discovered new innovative applications of PK…!
“I’ve seen some amazing things done by students… this ‘FUN & Crazy’ program continues to help to push the envelope of human potential for everyone who attends. That being said, her ‘corporate success coaching side’ keeps her constantly looking for ways to help people break through mental, emotional or physical levels to get a new level of personal or professional Success…FAST!
When you experience this amazing phenomenon, you’ll realize that any stuck area of your life can
shift quickly. Its that easy. Come to the Party! 

April 15th special:  

3 hours that will dramatically change your life…!
And you’ll have fun, you’ll laugh and most probably
And…. if you can do THAT, then what ELSE is possible?

Above listed Programs will be on zoom  
Private Parties can be arranged for
Corporate Special Events, Organizations, Conferences & Private Special Events) 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“YES I CAN” Event!

Why learn PK?
Are  you feeling STUCK in any area of your life right now?  
Would you like to quickly CHANGE something ….? FAST?  
 Yes or YES?

Unlock real personal power..   and have fun doing it ! Connect to a universal power like never before.

Its TIME to Grow.
This may just be the ultimate  ‘Yes I Can’ experience’.

Bent Spoons

Bent flatware from JacQuaeline’s PK Party

PK is a real phenomena
PK CAN be learned and experienced with only a few hours of
of the right training.
This is NOT a slight of hand magic trick.
The metal will lose its structure from 3seconds to 56 seconds.
Join us, its crazy fun. And, As 
you learn & experience this powerful way to tap into ENERGY;
your sense of power and reality may just shift.
You will learn to

amplify energy, focus it and get physical, tangible, real world results.  

Where can that help you?  Have you ever taken a class about ‘manifesting’, or ‘abundance’, or the art of ‘creation’.. how to create what you want in the world.  It started with choices, This can help you in anything that takes mind over matter.

Powerfully & Positively impact your Health, Relationships,
Create/influence your future, YES YOU CAN….

For Current up-to-date info on this page:
Please REFRESH your page if you’ve been here before!)


Please get your PK Party Pack NOW  as 2 day priority mail in USA has been taking up to 9 business days to deliver through the postal service. (USA & Canada orders only. Outside of USA-contact office to arrange postage & delivery… or supply your own flatware – highly recommend silver-plated spoons and materials listed in PK Party Pack below.)

The universe rewards ACTION …and so do we…

April 15th Special: first 18 people to register:




Girl with bent spoonChildren Registration: 7-16yrs: child ticket*   free with PK Packet purchase… PK Party Pack must be purchased at least SIX BUSINESS DAYS before the event.  And, if it is too late to order the pack due to date, contact the office
and we’ll work it out for you and the kids. We want to empower them!


PK Party #411 at FMBR, Foundation For Mind, Body Research

Consider this.
We’ve heard we use at best ten percent of our mind capacity.
Most people on this planet today are unaware or stuck in fear of their own powers.You probably know this but experiencing metal getting warm and soft in your hand… that’s crazy amazing cause YOU made it happen during the party. 

This Official “PK Party” will help you EXPERIENCE a power you have already within you but probably have not tapped. . NOW is the time to grow, to change, to break through any internal DOUBTS and FEARS!   And, you can do it through a FUN PROGRAM. It’s really fun, that’s why we call it ‘a party’.  

So, again we say… if you can bend metal with your mind, what else is possible. . . ???

Why? Because: The Universe rewards action! 
Take action NOW and save! 

———   =========   ———
Optional Purchase:   the “PK Party Pack”    =   Must be ordered at least 10 business days before your event date. Orders outside of USA must pay for their shipping freight costs and notify us the method of shipping. As of this update, all known delivery services are no longer willing to guarantee their own delivery dates.   Stainless steel is okay to use; we prefer to have you use ‘SilverPlate forks and spoons” in your first or second PK Party….and some stainless  
This will give you more than enough forks/spoons/mainly silverplate   & other ‘extras’ to make it easy for you to explore/experience your psychokinetic abilities.
The PK Party Pack MUST be purchased before 6 days prior to the event. We will guarantee the ship date but will not guarantee delivery unless you choose to upgrade to Express Overnight or any other shipping method you direct. Anything other than regular USPS mail might have an additional handling fee. Call us if questions.
when shipping to USA address that will receive 2 day Priority Mail.
.. PK Party Pack:    (delivery not guaranteed. we will get your pack in the mail within 48 hours of orders for USA & Canada. Other locations are subject to additional shipping fees and instructions from you on which mail system to use – you must prepay for shipping & insurance.

(Tickets are not refundable. You may transfer who uses the ticket with at least 24 hour written notice to 
intuitionpower@gmail.com )

Many stores: grocery stores, Dollar or 99Cent Stores, Target, Walmart, On-Line
note: Silver-plate is GREAT.. Stainless Steel is most used &
DO NOT USE STERLING SILVER = Sterling is too soft to prove anything AND its 
way too valuable to ruin at the party. Keep the Sterling Silver in the drawer!

“PK Party Pack” is now available but
The Party Pack must be ordered
at least 5 business days before your scheduled party.
You MAY supply your own flatware –
7 Forks,
2 Spoons,
* a few coins   
* (any currency, example:  2 penny’s, 1 nickle.. or a dime or a quarter.. any ‘change’ will do.
optional: bring metal bars, hack saw blades, OR purchase the PK Party Pack.
(We guarantee we will get it in the mail to you within 24 hours (not including weekends) but order asap as 2 Day Priority Mail has recently taken between four and 9 business days! Overnight shipping is available at your cost but you need to do the research and let us know which mode or delivery you want…  in USA Priority Mail is about $7.50 postage, Express Mail can be about $27 for over night to two days and Fed Ex can be between $60-$99. US.

The PK Party Pack is only available to registered students. some silverplate included;  Know that the materials will be clean and sanitized.

Reno, NV Residents: . Purchase PK Party Pack. Arrangements can be made to pick up your
Pack or have it mailed..

Confidence       Focus    Fun    
Life Changing Shocking Results

How great would it be for you to learn to FOCUS ENERGY and focus on solid metal and have it melt in your hands like extra soft taffy? This happens in our parties – with flatware that YOU bring – there is nothing ‘fake’ about this training. Not everyone will achieve the advanced bending during this program. But we have a high
rate – over 96% of attendees who achieve ‘kindergarten bending’ and oftentimes some form of the “High School” level of phenomena.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi, this is JacQuaeline.
I mainly teach
human potential ~ evolution of consciousness
That’s another term for
Personal Growth & Success Principles.

I was named
America’s Foremost Intuition Skills Trainer
by such notables as T. Harv Eker, a NY Times Best Seller and founder of the original ‘Peak Potentials’ Training Company. Although my path in life has taken me to a place where I’ve been Ordained under four different ‘religious’ and/or ‘spiritual’ organizations. One was specifically ‘Duly Ordained’ plus received the honored title of Sensi  not teaching  ‘religion’. I’m working with invisible principles of mind, heart and ‘energy’ as in the part of us that is invisible and positive and creative. That part of us may be connected to your higher realms of belief, spirituality and maybe not.
That’s for you to determine. 

Together we make a better world. 
Learn this & other amazing 21st Century Superpowers!
Its crazy fun with a lasting impact.

What if you could tap into invisible powers?   This program shows you how… quickly.
What if the process to learn to do that was FUN?  I guarantee you WILL laugh during the training.
What if you could learn to tap into ENERGY, channel or focus it like holding a fire hose and spraying water on a fire to quickly save a structure?  Well, hopefully there’s no fire to extinguish near you…but the stream of water is powerful and that’s what we’re attempting to convey here…
What if you could tap into universal ENERGY and send it to help with healing?
If you can bend metal with your mind, what about fixing bones in the body? 
What is the nature of that energy energy? 

What if its were easy to learn to do PK (Psychokinesis = PK) influence physical matter with your mind and focus…

Fact: There are close to 20,000 people who have been documented to have learned to do PK through the Official PK Parties started by Jack Houck. Jack started his research into PK because he was sending men and women into outer space – basically in a metal can. He wanted to know, ‘How could the mind influence the metal, if at all?’  That was the birth of the research program called the ‘PK Party’. 


What if any pain or frustration you’ve ever endured could be transformed into a positive power that could be used for change reality?  could harness emotions and know how to focus so that you truly get solid results? Have you ever studied any form of ‘abundance’ or success programs?  This training/experience might be the turnkey for you to take those concepts to a new level. . . and if it did.. when would you create?  This is a serious … along the path of learning and growing there are moments which might raise your Please glance through this entire site – view the photos – this is REAL – this program may blow your mind – instantly demonstrate your own real power.

Now is your opportunity to join JacQuaeline’s PK Party where you’ll have fun AND learn real Spoon Bending Secrets.  The real secret is that is it NOT a trick. This program teaches you about ENERGY.

You will ‘SEE’ energy flowing through a person with your own eyes – its basic science that’s taught in grammar school but most of us forgot it.

What if you could have FUN while learning that what you learned about gravity and solid things are not exactly what most of us learned? This course – 4 hours – can change your reality – especially is you register and come to the party. Awaken, awaken my friends – NOW is the time. 

Location:  ZOOM live internet access

Truly explore:
‘What is Possible for YOUR life?’
Once you do this, you’ll begin to ask… what else is possible?


Upcoming Cities / Locations &  Dates
Currently all PK Parties are on ZOOM

Possible (not confirmed) Fall – Winter  2022 ~ Spring 2023
Palm Springs, CA • 
Mountain View, CA • Toronto Canada •
   Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  •  Reno, NV
Currently most of our PK Parties
are on ZOOM! We integrate video footage from pieces of our very best PK Party Moments to give you the absolute, very best experience possible. In our zoom parties you’ll view small sections of recording clips  of literally dozens of people, live in action.
This zoom program is the closest to being there without being there at the physical party. If you would like a Private or public PK Party for your community, town, city or business, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Contact JacQuaeline for Private PK Parties – jq3@intuitionpower.com

Current cities interested in PK Parties when gatherings are possible  USA: Orlando, Florida; Boca Raton, Florida, Vermont, So. California and San Francisco, CA

Find out what is needed to create an Official PK Party in your location! Contact JacQuaeline’s office.

Private PK Parties for businesses or
social gatherings require a minimum of 18 participants with a maximum of 200*.
(*Larger parties can be accommodated)

Questions – call 310-710-8126…pacific time zone – business hours:  M-Th: 9:00-6pm F: 10-3pm pacific

(PK Party = Psychokinesis)
Read further about the history of the PK Party which started with a Scientist/engineer working at Boeing in their Spacecraft Division who needed to know: Could the mind impact metal and if so, how? He was sending women and men into outer space in basically a ‘metal can’.
(Jack Houck ) read more below.

This is A Powerful Training for Personal &
Professional Empowerment –

AMAZING Transformation
Healing &/or
Method to Manifesting
tangible results

Are you ready for self-empowerment, transformation?
Or just want to gift yourself a wild, crazy-fun and amazing great time? 

Press the arrow and watch this short video

 Official PK Party

PK = Psychokinesis
Learn to Bend Metal with your mind and other
amazing 21st Century Superpowers!

Yes You Can!

Experience more then an idea –  SEE IT, FEEL IT – HAVE IT…     


How soon will YOU Empower YOURSELF…  ???
Or, do you have a child between 7 – 14 years old?  Bring the little one and help her/him learn to use focused energy in a powerful way – get through test taking, break through mental or emotional barriers or challenges!  Kids get it super fast!  Bring them!

– – –
The Universe rewards ACTION…
Buy your ticket today as prices increase each week to encourage you to act NOW!  (full price if pay at door.)  

Recent  Past PK Parties:

PK Party 451,
PPK Party 450 – Dec. Private Corporate Party
# PK Party 449 –  August 2022  Zoom
#PK Party 448  – July 2022 Boca Raton, FL
#PK Party 447 – June 2022 Virtual
#PKParty 446 – May 2022 Private
#PKParty 445 – March 2022- Private Corporate Party
#PKParty 444 – March 2022
PK Party 443-B – Feb. 2022 (full version) Paradigm Shift
PK Party 443-A  January  2022 – no video support
PK Party 442C  December 2021
PK Party 442B  We lost track & gave 3 more
PK Party #442 July 2021
PK Party #441 Private Party June 2021
PK Party #440 Zoom  June 2021
PK Party #439  Sarasota Florida Private PK Party May 2021
PK Party #438 zoom  March 2021
PK Party #437 Zoom Virtual PK Party Feb. 2021
PK Party #436  Zoom Virtual PK Party Jan. 2021
PK Party #435  Zoom Virtual PK Party Nov. 2020
PK Party #434  Zoom Virtual PK Party Nov. 2020
PK Party #433  Zoom Virtual PK Party Oct. 2020
PK Party #432  Zoom Virtual PK Party August 2020
PK Party #431  Zoom Virtual PK Party July 2020
PK Party #430  Zoom  Virtual PK Party June 2020
PK Party #429  Zoom Virtual PK Party – May 2020
PK Party #428  Zoom Virtual PK Party April 2020
PK Party #427  MountainView, CA
PK Party #426  Cape Cod, MA
PK Party #425  Boston, MA
PK Party #424  Reno, NV, Oct. 27, 2019
PK Party #423  Mt. Shasta, CA
PK Party #422  Sudbury, Ontario, Canada  – May 4, 2019 
PK Party #421 – Reno, NV June 8, 2019
PK Party #387 thru #420 – various locations on Planet Earth.
PK Party 386 was the first ‘official’ PK Party JacQuaeline taught solo without Jack Houck.

A few Previous Locations:  Daytona Beach, FL, Hollywood, FL; Petaluma, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Anaheim, CA; San Diego, CA; Orlando, FL and all across Northern America plus Jack Houck lead many PK Parties in other countries as part of his research…the PK Parties started with Party #1.  You do the math!

Will YOU sponsor or co-create the next Pk Party? 
Businesses, Organizations or Private Parties: call for details 310-710-8126 – Pacific time zone.


Bent silverware

Program History:
This program was initially developed by Jack Houck, a research engineer, scientist working at Boeing Space Craft Division.  Jack became the world authority in research into the phenomena of PK (Psychokinesis).  As an engineer/scientist, Jack felt it important to understand how the mind might affect metal.  After all, he was sending astronauts up into outer space in metal capsules.  He created the “PK Party” for research into bending metal with the mind.  PK = Psychokinesis; most popularly referred to as ‘spoon bending’ as in ‘the Matrix Movie’.  It was made popular by Uri Geller.  JacQuaeline assisted Jack Houck in dozens of PK Parties over a span of 20 years.  We have over 19,000 people documented to have attended the parties as part of the research project.  Jack Houck passed away in 2013 and JacQuaeline continues the PK Party in the style taught by her mentor and friend, Jack Houck.  The main purpose of this party is to help every participant empower themselves –

If you can bend metal with your mind,
what else is possible?   Seriously!!!
Easily learn to Control Internal Stress, powerfully focus your mind and how to re-create parts of yourself fast.
Come Play –  Learn this 21st Century Superpower!
Experience more then an idea –  SEE IT, FEEL IT – HAVE IT…     


How soon will YOU Empower YOURSELF…  ???

REGISTER NOW *     Buy now and save!
* Limited Seating – REGISTER ASAP

Official PK Parties lead by JacQuaeline, trained by and worked with Jack Houck. Jack was recognized as “THE” world authority in the scientific research of PK (Pschokinesis) 

Buy NOW and save:  Prices increase every few days as we encourage bold action and commitment to growth & personal empowerment…

Follow your intuition – act now and SAVE:
Tickets are non-refundable but
they can be transferred to another person.


  Some venues are limited in space – register NOW!
‘the universe rewards action!’

Register A S A P.

* WHY register early!   Give us as much time to prepare for you as possible.  There is a lot of prep work, items we need to purchase for each participant – like a LOT of forks and spoons, some silverplated flatware (currently each silver-plated spoon or fork cost between $2 – $4 each, plus shipping and metal is HEAVY!   Refunds on tickets are not available.  However, you may transfer your ticket to another person for the date of the program which you initially register for..
Thank you for your early registration.  Tickets the day of the event, if space is available is full price, currently between $175 – $250 depending on the location. Register early and save!

Special note:
Each participant will be given flatware to bend – silver plated spoon and other goodies to work with during this ‘party’.   We encourage you to also bring your own additional flatware but don’t expect it to be the same shape at the end of the party.  And, when you bend the flatware the YOU BROUGHT, you will know this training is real, and not fake.  Know that We will provide you with enough supplies for you and if you discover that you are a PK Superstar, we will have extra flatware and solid metal bars available to purchase at our cost between $1 – $4 each. Again, we will provide plenty of flatware for each average or above average PK Superstar person.

Do not bring Sterling Silver … Jack Houck says – “Sterling Silver is too valuable to use AND the Sterling Silver Metal itself is too soft to prove anything.” So, leave the sterling silver at home!   We will have additional flatware pieces for you to purchase if you go crazy and become a PK Bending Superstar!

*PK = Psychokinesis or Bending Metal, spoons, forks, metal rods with mind power! FUN, amazing and transformative… if you can bend metal what else can you do?

Realize YOU are a very powerful being.. Here’s a fun way to explore that power and learn to turn it into something amazing…. Join us!


Companies or Organizations benefit: 

Fun, outrageous – people learn to FOCUS, to cooperate – to definitely get past any personal limitations…   participants learn…  ‘If you can bend metal with your mind…. then what else is possible?’   If you THINK you CAN… maybe you REALLY CAN… apply that to sales, management, to achievement or creating ANYTHING… this process is fun AND True TRANSFORMATION!  If you can do that – what else is possible?

If you are interested in a PK Party for a Fund Raiser for your Organization or for a Business Party or Team Training; or just for a fun Party- contact JacQuaeline, business hours M – F, Pacific:  *1-310-710-8126*

Please check back soon or  . . . .

To be notified of event dates, get priority registration and discount offers, enter your name and email in upper right hand corner of this website (you will get a free gift too)– go on waiting list NOW !

PK Party, Spoon Bending Training

spoon bending – yes you CAN!


Will YOU sponsor the NEXT PK Party??? #???

Create a powerhouse Business Team!   Invite your friends!
This is a not to be missed opportunity!

If you can do THIS, what else is possible ? !  ? !
Open to the possibilities in your life, FAST!

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During a reading/forecast I told Carol she needed to put her resume together in terms of her becoming something like… like a V.P. of the Bank she was working for. She looked visibly uncomfortable with the thought and said, “you’ve got to be kidding, I could never do that.” So, in asking her a few questions – she told me she did special projects but that’s not close to the V.P. type job.’ So, I said, “well, you have exactly three months to follow the current VP around, learn and watch what he does and how he does it”. And again I said, “in three months, 3 men will enter your bank. It will be obvious to you who I’m talking about. I want you to hand them your resume. You’ll get a new job and it will be something like Vice President.”Carole called me six months later from her new office. She told me she was hired by the three men and was now V.P. of their new bank. She said she NEVER would have been prepared and couldn’t imagine ever being ready if it weren’t for the things I told her in her reading.

So my question to you is…

Are you prepared?
Do you have a consultant who has a great track record for accuracy on timing of events, dollar amounts.. someone who can read you at the soul level so there is a potential alignment for soul mission, vision and purpose to be supported? Have you checked in for a reading in the last six months or year?

If not – you might be like Carol, except you don’t know what you don’t know.

Carol - Bank V.P.
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