Spoon Bending Training PK Party 443 Coming up!

Spoon Bending – The Ultimate “YES I CAN” experience.  Bend Reality & Create Success Faster than ever before. If Success is ultimately a mind-set, then learning PK (PK = Psychokinesis… aka how to ‘bend metal with your mind and mental focus’)  This might be the fastest way to make a breakthrough and experience a real internal paradigm shift.  Fun! Shocking! Amazing. Also, kids between 6 – 14 are free to attend with purchase of a PK Party Pack – this provides all the materials you need to experience a great party – forks and spoons to bend along with other special goodies we’ve thrown in. This is the real deal with JacQuaeline leading the 3 hour program on zoom. 

The price is going up as we approach 20,000 people to have successfully gone through the ‘official’ PK Parties which were started by Jack Houck. Jack was an Engineer/Scientist who was working in the space program at a high level. When he met JacQuaeline he said, “I’m sending men and women up into outer space in basically a ‘metal can’. I think its my responsibility to discover how the mind might impact the metal. Uri Geller, famous for his abilities in psychic and PK (Psychokinesis) mental spoon bending..  would consult with Jack, and visa versa.

Since JacQuaeline accepted the challenge by Jack to start teaching the program… she has since began to integrate what she calls – ‘connecting the dots’. Jack was interested in the science – measuring the tensile strength – (tensile strength is the resistance of a material to breaking under tension.) In other words, under what circumstances will the material bend or break, studying the phenomena. Where JacQuaeline is more interested in personal empowerment… seeking ways to create a safe, fun, effective method to create the most value in terms of transformation of consciousness. She’s been teaching people to grow from the inside out for most of her adult career. So the PK Party is one of the best, fastest methods to accomplish that. 

We’re growing the most when were were young, playing. So the PK Party allows people to relearn to ‘play’. And – learn about the power of the mind… and about harnessing energy.  Everything is energy. 

Come to the party.
PK Party #443 is set for Saturday Feb. 12, 2022. 12:30pm pacific time zone. It’s on zoom,
coming to you!  Register today and save (limited number of discounted tickets for early bird special… this is to encourage you to get the PK Party Pack – this contains materials – 5 kindergarten forks – stainless steel and silverplate; 2 silverplate spoons, 2 forks for college bending along with other goodies which we’ll use in the PK party. You are not required to purchase the “PK Party Pack” but it will make your party experience easier and more fun because of the variety of metals and other things included… the issue is the current mail delivery system is extremely slow – so the 2-3day priority mail is now taking up to 8 to 10 business days to deliver just in the USA. So, Set yourself up for success and get the PK Party Pack – we don’t make money on it… and only one per participant. Orders for PK Party Pack from outside continental USA will need to arrange for the shipping. You are NOT required to use the PK Party Pack at all.

You can use your own flatware but know this… if you have a ‘set’ of flatware with ANY type of emotional attachment to it like… you don’t want to break up the set by bending it… then don’t use it. The mind is very powerful. Set yourself up for success.  Here’s the link to register.   REGISTRATION CLOSEDGirl with bent spoon


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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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