We are pleased you are here exploring possibilities.  Here you will find the details for JacQuaeline’s upcoming trip to Sudbury Canada with links to register. If you have any questions, don’t delay in contacting JacQuaeline or her sponsors as this is a very short trip for a long distance…  with limited personal time for private sessions and a lot of quality, condensed sessions for uplifting, giving you insights into more of your own truth, empowerment and improving the quality of life here and now.

Briefly, JacQuaeline has been working full time in the field of human potential & personal evolution helping people discover and bridge spiritual advanced techniques into daily life results for a better quality of life here and now. Better health, deeper love, easier and increased financial success and spiritual, creative attunement and abilities. We’re all here for a purpose and her work is about helping you rapidly discover, activate, develop, live and share your spiritual gifts in a meaningful way. Details and testimonials for her work can be found on this website and on linkedin. This page will only be available prior and during her trip to Sudbury. To stay in touch, enter your contact info to our list on the main page of this site. And/or keep up with JacQuaeline through facebook page  Intuitionpower . (watch the spelling of JacQuaeline, its unusual as she legally has only one name: JACQUAELINE )

Sudbury Canada Events Page:   November 2019    Note:  **Early Registration is rewarded.   **Drawings are made with every ten registrations received. The sooner you register, the more chances you have to be selected to win, minimum value is $197 USA program, downloadable.

Details will be added shortly, please check back by Saturday 10/12/19


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During a reading/forecast I told Carol she needed to put her resume together in terms of her becoming something like… like a V.P. of the Bank she was working for. She looked visibly uncomfortable with the thought and said, “you’ve got to be kidding, I could never do that.” So, in asking her a few questions – she told me she did special projects but that’s not close to the V.P. type job.’ So, I said, “well, you have exactly three months to follow the current VP around, learn and watch what he does and how he does it”. And again I said, “in three months, 3 men will enter your bank. It will be obvious to you who I’m talking about. I want you to hand them your resume. You’ll get a new job and it will be something like Vice President.”Carole called me six months later from her new office. She told me she was hired by the three men and was now V.P. of their new bank. She said she NEVER would have been prepared and couldn’t imagine ever being ready if it weren’t for the things I told her in her reading.

So my question to you is…

Are you prepared?
Do you have a consultant who has a great track record for accuracy on timing of events, dollar amounts.. someone who can read you at the soul level so there is a potential alignment for soul mission, vision and purpose to be supported? Have you checked in for a reading in the last six months or year?

If not – you might be like Carol, except you don’t know what you don’t know.

Carol - Bank V.P.
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