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Move forward with certainty. Gain clarity!  Be forewarned. Take advantage of often times hidden opportunities and timing of events!

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Reading Forecasts:  You don’t know what you don’t know.
All of these sessions: present life, past life, soul mission “readings” are to help you to both gain in understanding and access or apply your creative genius with focus, confidence, balance; personal and professional success from the inside out.

Here’s  more info about the sessions:

Would you like insights into any of the following ?

  • work and/or career  or business
  • when best to make changes
  • a relationship and/or emotional patterns
  • healing a broken heart
  • creative blocks
  • finances
  • perspective on health and vitality
  • life purpose, who am I, why am I here?
  • if you’re wanting motivating inspiration

JacQuaeline can give you insights and answers.

Since you don’t know what you don’t know, NOW  is always the best time to have JacQuaeline work with you.  

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 Consider the following FIVE options:
The 1 & 2 are the most popular.  At the bottom of the page are listed 3, 4 & 5 which are for those seeking deep in depth soul growth, insights about your soul’s journey, life path, karmic patterns, karmic relationship insights & healing. 

Types of Readings Offered:
1. Comprehensive Present Life Reading (takes about 1 hour)
2. Shorter Check in (20 minutes) – choose general overview OR address your
most pressing issue or question.
– – –
3. Immortality Consultation – Past Life Reading – Soul Mission & Karma (details below)
4. Personal Potential Analysis – Where you are on the Spiritual Path (details below)
5. Esoteric Name Analysis – Insights into your Life Path & Soul Mission (details below)


Client Testimonials:

 JP LuebsenIn addition to being one of the most powerful and talented psychics I have know, JacQuaeline has empowered hundreds, if not thousads of people to transform their lives and realize their dreams.  JP Luebsen, So. California, USA


Heidi Parr Kerner I have known JacQuaeline for over 20 years and I wholeheartedly recommend her.  She is an expert in her field, cutting edge, with an incredible range of skills.  I have personally attended her classes, taken her workshops and listened to her on the radio!  I have great respect for her professionalism and her highly developed intuitive skills.  I do not hesitate to recommend JacQuaeline.  Heidi Parr Kerner, Seminar Leader, East Coast,  USA


Jean-Claude Koven   JacQuaeline is one of those rare beings that are true agents of change.  Those fortunate enough to work with her invariably find themselves significantly empowered, able to set goals and accomplish more than ever they dreamed possible.  If you are truly ready to take charge of your life and create new and more expansive possibilities, you cannot find a better mentor and friend.  Jean-Claude Koven  Equador


 Michael Benner Often called the “Sixth Sense,” intuition is an amazing faculty of human intelligence that everyone has, but few people ever develop. How often have you heard someone exclaim — maybe even YOU, “Oh, I knew that was going to happen, but I talked myself out of trusting my gut feelings.”

When it comes to understanding comlex and confusing situations in your life, why rely only on deductive thought when you can learn to supplement your understanding with insight and inspiration?
Oh, and if JacQuaeline tells you that she had a feeling you were going to call her…believe it!  Michael Benner, Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Instructor/trainer/speaker, So, California, USA


1)  Comprehensive Full Session (1 hour) – suggested for first time clients – covers immediate to usually one year focus and three areas or specific questions (see details below)   Full Consultation $500 –   


2)  Shorter Check in  (20 minute) – during this session we cover as much as possible.  Suggestion is we cover one specific area or issue you have  OR CHOOSE a brief overview of upcoming events and timing.
(see more details below)  $175        

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1.  Comprehensive Full Intuitive Consultation

Gain insights into unexpected opportunities, sudden shifts, big changes or timing. These sessions also reveal the truth needed to make important changes you’ve been thinking about, worrying about or in fear of. Sometimes this session is about a warning. You may need to be told to SLOW DOWN NOW before you bottom out the car or pedal to the metal. Or you may have clear sailing so speed it up because the time is right.

 – – Or your situation may be like the gentleman whose
house was on the market for well over a year.   This was a long time ago but one of my favorite stories…
His top level real estate broker was insisting he dramatically drop the price ‘yet again’.
When this man came to me for a consultation,
I told him to dramatically raise the price and just be patient for a few more months.
I also told him when his home would sell.  His real estate agent thought the home owner was crazy when he instructed the broker to raise the price rather than reduce it.  The realtor protested but followed the orders anyway.
At the time I predicted, first half of September, on the afternoon of 9/11/01 the man got three offers. The house was listed for almost three years with not one person interested.  And suddenly there was a bidding war; sight unseen! The house sold that same day for the increased price which I had suggested!  If he had followed the real estate broker’s suggestion he would have lowered the asking price by over $80,000.   A Good intuitive is good to have!

Full Consultation $500 

Take advantage of YOUR unknown opportunities.

Remember:  You don’t know what we don’t know.

Be prepared.  Grab onto those opportunities in your future!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~

2)  A Twenty Minute Reading  – 
Use this time to get insights into the upcoming three to six months OR come into the meeting with a specific area of concern – could be on relationships,  work, career, timing of making changes, life direction; confirmation on plans or to help you best make plans.  Sometimes we are ‘in a fog’ and it doesn’t matter how advanced we are.  Life happens and timing can be very important.  A full session is usually recommended for first time clients; however this brief focus session can be very beneficial.  JacQuaeline will promise to ‘talk fast’ and cover as much as she can for you during this session.   Given on Skype or zoom – $175 

    Take Action Now:  There are a Limited Number of sessions available each month. Upon receiving payment you will be contacted to schedule your meeting date and time. Currently sessions are booked and completed within two to six weeks.      

Limited number of readings available each month.  Call right now to reserve your appointment.
CALL:  310-710-8126 
(Consultations by JacQuaeline are usually given on zoom or  Skype; If done on zoom, recordings may be sent via email within seven days after consultation at no extra charge.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Message from JacQuaeline:

FxCam_1288225042282 (1)

“When I work with people I have more than enough tools and experience to help at a very deep level.  I focus on rapid results that are measurable.  It’s work at a soul level that translates deep in the psyche as a catalyst for balance, heart centered healing and positive creative expression.  Ultimately the work is about your soul’s growth and success helping you be the best you can be.  Its taken me many, many years of training and I don’t know how many hours of work. I used to give 6 to 8 hours of spiritual intuitive/psychic readings per day.  As I said, this is part of my soul mission – and its truly a privilege to do this type of work.”  -JacQuaeline

Her current slogan:  “Be in the Right Place at the right time – saying and doing the right things!”

“I have more than enough tools and experience to help people at a profound level.   Whether I’m giving readings, coaching or working with groups. I focus on helping people achieve rapid results that are measurable.  My work targets a deep soul level of insight for you which translates deep in the psyche in order to be a catalyst for balance, heart centered healing and positive creative expression.

The work is ultimately about your success via soul’s growth by way of helping you be the best you can be from the inside out.

Its taken me many, many years of training and I don’t know how many thousands of hours of work. I used to give 6 to 8 hours of spiritual intuitive/psychic readings per day, three, sometimes four days a week.  Once every month or so I would give short 10, 15 minutes sessions on the phone. I had a radio show and broadcast consciousness training and spiritual principles for personal and business empowerment to Southern California every week for many years on KFOX, KIEV and the KYPA, Nightingale Conant’s ‘Your Personal Achievement Radio Station.  As I said, this work is part of ‘my’ soul mission – and I feel its truly a privilege to do this type of work. I had amazing teachers who helped me to awaken levels of awareness in order to help others and pass on this ability to those who are ready.”
– JacQuaeline

Reasons why JacQuaeline is uniquely qualified and able to help quickly where others can’t:

Many people call themselves ‘clairvoyant’. The word has lost it’s real meaning. The general understanding is that it is ‘clear seeing’ and that is true.  However, the full meaning is that the soul has achieved a specific level of ‘light’ and has usually done a great amount of inner, personal work to ‘clear’ their own conscious, subconscious and tap into a ‘super-conscious’ mind and beyond.

In general, most people who have taken a few ‘psychic development or E.S.P. Classes’ begin to claim Clairvoyance. Most of those people are ‘reading’ at a lower level – called the ‘desire mind’. (Technically reading from the ‘solar plexus chakra’.) Those readings can be good but are clearly different then working with a someone who has true clairvoyance.  In addition, there is clairsenscience(feeling) and clair-audience (hearing). JacQuaeline’s trainers helped her achieve each of these levels through many, many years of daily practice with specific supervision and training for personal and group processes.  She even had specific training on giving readings over the radio and at long distance.  Her skills have been tested in various laboratory experiments and at times surprised even the team of examiners.  In fact, she is a referral in a book called: “Becoming Psychic” by Dr. Stanley Krippner who is a world authority in this field.

Whatever the issue, present situation: work, career, life purpose, relationship, emotional. creative blocks or lack of inspiration,  JacQuaeline can help you move forward to get to your next level of soul expression and success.





More ‘Esoteric’ or Soul Growth Consultations Listed Here:

#3 through 5 below are  SOUL LEVEL SESSIONS found at the very bottom of this page. 
Dealing with Evolution of Consciousness– the following three esoteric sessions are based on ‘The Cosmic Mandate: a Blueprint for Immortality”  These sessions are for those who are ‘on the path’ and are or have been asking – ‘Who am I?’,  ‘Why am I here?’, What is my real purpose in life?’  “Who was I in my past life or lives?”  “What was my past relationship with this person?” “What is my soul mission?”  “What is this karma?


3) “Immortality Consultation”  This deals with esoteric levels of insights/lessons/soul growth.  Reviews/identifies you life purpose, soul missions, karmic lessons/opportunities.  Clarification, insight and healing of Karmic Relationships – (see details below).  These sessions were developed by Dr. Patricia-Rochelle Diegel; one of the top ‘Reincarnationists’ of the 20th century. (more details below)

4)  Personal Potential Analysis – Where am I in relation to the evolutionary plan.  What is my soul mission.  These are important questions and the answers are both freeing and inspiring.  This consultation is like handing you a map and pointing out where you are and the best pathways to get where you want to go.  No more feeling like you are floundering around or waiting for a guru or guide to tell you what to do. (more details below)  

5)  Esoteric Name Analysis – Whats in a name?  You’d be surprised.  This session looks at your name as a vibratory pattern, a frequency that impacts your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. (more details below)


3)  Immortality Consultation  (I.C. Consultation)

Transformational Soul Level Reading into Past Lives, Current Relationships, Your Life Purpose and Karmic Patterns and Karmic Relationships unwound

Gain insights into your Soul Mission, options and opportunities.  People trigger in reactions – why?  Bring a list of six people who you know now or who you have known in the past.  People trigger karmic reactions – love, hate, jealousy, dependency, sexual attraction, and a variety of patterns or behaviors that oftentimes don’t make any sense.  The list of people should be people you know now or have known – people who have had an influence either really good or really bad.  Abandonment, abuse or the angel person who just showed up for a brief time.  Just bring in the names and a one or two word description of the relationship –   mother, father, brother, wife, lover, x-girlfriend, teacher, business partner.    Don’t indicate good, bad; not interested in ‘the story’ – that more times than not will come out through the reading when JacQuaeline gets into that segment.  You’ll be astounded at the ‘pattern’ that you’ll gain insights into –  suddenly its like you were working on a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the picture looks like – and this session gives you the clarity of – eureka – know I get it!  Amazing insights and healing at a very deep level – standard equipment with this session is a box of tissues!  Have them ready just in case.  When you hit the nail on the head – internal energy lines up for release, healing, powerful release and a very deep sense of love, self acceptance and a realization that is powerful for most people.

Long term patterns or problems are best handled, understood and dealt with through past life exploration.  Most people’s methods, usually hypnosis, can be both slow, painful and sometimes hard to integrate properly into present time.   JacQuaeline, because of her training and years of practice is able to go into a deep meditative state and  becomes a conscious channel for both the information and healing balance of energy.  She is able access akashic records and soul level memory patterns. This assists one in gaining insight and an emotional release to heal, increase creativity rapidly and to help one move up the spiritual path with the accelerated process of soul exploration.

In this session, past lives and reincarnation are addressed.  JacQuaeline has appeared on several national and international television and radio shows including TV Special created by the Learning Channel on Reincarnation.  She specialized in this area of soul evolution teaching and giving readings full time for over 20 years beginning in 1982.  Her training in this area was primarily with Dr. Patricia-Rochelle Diegel as her protege, colleague and dear friend.  Although these ‘readings’ are not her main focus today, JacQuaeline still offers them for those who are ready.  The readings take her one hour to prepare – the work and two to four hours for presentation and a follow up appointment is offered as part of the Consult.

If interested, please call JacQuaeline today.

Immortality Consultation:  One Payment of $997   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4)  Personal Potential Analysis – (P.P.A. Reading)
For those interested in finding out – ‘Where am I in relation to the evolutionary plan?”  “What is my soul mission?”   “Where or why am I stuck and how do I progress?”  “What is the karma I need to work on or work with this life?”
These are important questions and the answers are often freeing, healing and inspiring.  This consultation is like handing you a map and pointing out where you are and the best pathways to get where you want to go.
No more feeling like you are floundering around or waiting for a guru or guide to tell you what to do.  Things will make more ‘sense’.  Your focus may shift but you’ll feel a major ‘ah-ha’!
This session takes between one to two hours, usually closer to two.  Also, in the next few years JacQuaeline will be looking for people to ‘train’ to give these readings.  Once you have this reading done, you can have ‘updates as often as every six months to help guide you as to your progress.   The Personal Potential Analysis (P.P.A. Reading) is technically about measuring the light that you are.  The Cosmic Blueprint is the ‘map’ that can show you the specific levels of awareness on several specific levels.

This work began in the late 1890’s – yes, over 100 years ago with Dr. Oscar Brunler.  Four generations of research and this is the current application of the original research.  the research dealt with ‘mind radiations’.  The session give you a measurement of  di-electric* waves – emanations of Energy which indicate aspects of awareness, capacity for creative insights, intuition, cognition and behavioral patterns.  If you have ever been a meditator, formal or otherwise; if you consider yourself a person ‘on the path’, then this reading is for you.

Categories in this reading are:

 • Creative Power
• Mental Capacity
• Breathe of Comprehension
• Quality of Intelligence
• Potential at Birth
• Current Potential
• Future Potential

Creative Power indicates the highest amount of mind radiation that you can utilize.  It comes from:
a.  Your highest previous incarnation.
b.  A Teacher who works with you on the inner or outer planes.
c.  A member of the Hierarchy. 

Mind radiations in people vary due to their level of soul evolution or spiritual awareness.  The greater the Mental Capacity, the higher the frequency of the di-electric *waves.  The amount of our capacity we use gives us our Quality of Intelligence.  The difference between these two figures is the number of blocks you carry in the super-conscious.  Karmic patterns or past life traumas, sins of commission or sins of omission show up here. 

The Breadth of Comprehension gives a figure which enables us to pick up where present life sub-conscious blocks occur by the amount of radiation indicated and how much lower this is than the Quality of Intelligence.

Everyone has a potential they set for themselves at birth.  When they get close to that potential, they usually get a fear of physical death, when in reality they can pass through this figure and move on to a higher level. 

*di-electric – a substance or medium through which electric forces act without conduction; a non-conductor ; an insulated medium.  This work is based on the original research by Dr. Oscar Brunler (1894-1952) where he created a system of measuring quantitatively in ‘biometric units’ the radiation or light energy emanating from the fingers of individuals and for correlating this with their state of consciousness.  Several groups continued his research.  In the 1970’s the Cosmic Mandate Academy and Dr. Patricia-Rochelle Diegel was given the research findings from each of those groups.  From there, our group continued to do testing and integrated the material into the Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality which shows how all the esoteric sciences actually prove one another when observed from this perspective.  Truth is truth.  The Mind Radiation Reading or PPA is the result of this path of research addressing not only where you are on the evolutionary scale, but how to best understand your level of talents, abilities and how to use them for your rapid continued growth and understanding of your place and role here and now in the universal play called life.

P.P.A.    Personal Potential Analysis Consultation:   $ 222  

P.P.A. Reading Update – $99  (usually given a year later – – at least six month must pass in order to get an update) 

~ ~ ~  There Are Many Paths Up The Mountain  ~ ~ ~

5)  Esoteric Name Analysis – (E.N.A. Reading)
Whats in a name?  You’d be surprised.  This session looks at your name as a vibratory pattern; a frequency that shapes your consciousness and expression on many levels. Many famous actors, musicians rose to fame quickly
after their official ‘name changes’. Even shifting the spelling of your current name may have a powerful impact in
your life today. Yet, many people today are being held back from breaking through to new levels of success in
their professional life or their personal life by the vibration of their current name. Its another way to look at your soul mission, life path, destiny, internal drives and external expression.  This is excellent for those who ‘don’t like their current name’ – hint – learn to love it before you leave it..  and there’s always a reason – JacQuaeline can help with that.  If you are getting married and considering a name change – if you are getting a divorce.  If you just feel like you need and want a major shift in your life – an Esoteric Name Change may help.  

Esoteric Name Analysis (E.N.A.):  $ 250.00 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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JacQuaeline, I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for your most insightful reading. You said what I needed to hear. In fact, I think it would be more appropriate to say you reminded me what I most needed to remember. SO I thank you, I thank you for going way beyond in your time. I thank you for the energy that we shared. And I am am so honored and so humbled. I look forward to our continuing relationship/ journey. Thank you for that boot in the rear that I most needed. You were the ambassador who took me to the next step in the journey. It is such a joy to have connected with you. That is it JacQuaeline. I know we will be in touch. Bye for now.

Dorthy Bloferd
Whiterock, BC Canada
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