Summer Solstice – In memory of Patricia-Rochelle Diegel- Past Life Specialist

Patricia-Rochelle Diegel 1982

Summer Solstice – it’s always been very special to me.  But since 2005 it carries an extra special memory.   Early morning, 4:44am June 22, 2005, my dearest friend, colleague, mentor and inspirational spiritual teacher, Patricia-Rochelle Diegel, Ph.D. made her transition into the light… at the time of a Full Moon ON Summer Solstice.  Talk about a “light being” going into light!  Well, I believe ‘similar energy does attract” and ‘light attracts light’, especially in this case. Here is some of her story.

We first met in April 1977 at the Thomas Institute of Metaphysics, Mid Wilshire area, Los Angeles, California, USA.  Just before we met a series of interesting events, coincidences occurred.  This often happens just before you connect with someone special – especially once you begin to wake up and step on the path of conscious spiritual growth.   Patricia-Rochelle Deigel was in my observation one of ‘THE” top ‘Reincarnationists’ on the planet.

Her journey began quite innocently by escorting a friend to an Edgar Cayce Study Class.  Her friend Lois kept wanting to go and bugging Patricia to go with her.  Patricia wasn’t interested.  Patricia finally said, ‘Lois, you keep bugging me to go with you, I really am not interested.  Why don’t you just go?”  ‘Lois said, “I want to go but I’m scared.”   To which Patricia said…”Okay then, I’ll go with you.”   That meeting changed Patricia’s life.

Details of what happened over the next decade will be told another time.  Suffice it to say, during that Edgar Caycee meeting Patricia-Rochelle did in fact allow herself to go into a trance state by the facilitator and was able to access her own Past Lives.  That was the beginning of the rest of her life.  From there she developed the ability to begin to do readings for others.    People would come and Patricia-Rochelle would put herself into a deep trance to give the past life reading.  The client would take notes.  One day a man came in and had a broken arm so he couldn’t take notes.  Patricia-Rochelle said, “Okay.  Let me see if I can stay awake while I do the session and take the notes for you.”   That challenge took her work to the major next level.  She realized she could in fact stay awake and still ‘channel’ the details of the lives, write them down at the same time, thus becoming a ‘conscious channel’.   She used to number her readings.  Ultimately she had tapped into over 40,000 past life readings.

People would dream about her and find her from all around the world in order to have a reading.  While doing this work she continued to clear her own past lives, her genetic line memory as well; her present life conscoius/subconsious patterns and memories.  And that allowed her to begin to explore connecting with her own future self.    On her 50th birthday, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Patricia held a special group channeling session with just that intention… to create a one group mind that was clear and strong enough to lift her awareness or raise her vibrational frequency via the collective group mind field she created to allow her to connect with her future master self.  She did it. On her 50th Birthday she made contact with her own future incarnation, or, that future being was able to reach back in time and begin sending back information from the future.

“The Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality” was initially introduced.

When we (the students) would go to a ‘channeling’ by Patricia-Rochelle, it was an experience for each person because we were taught to work as one mine, one group light.  Imagine individual candles all pieces fitting together as one central cluster.  Many individual lights forming one large bright powerful torch.  The amount of candle illuminessence increased exponentially.  Meaning, everyone in the group could usually see and sense the same things while the channeling was going on…   That special event, Patricia was able to connect with “Orion”, her future incarnation.  A teacher in a school for adepts in the year 2800AD planet earth.  (may be 2600AD – I need to verify the notes.)   It was brilliant.  The concept was if you can remember the past, then you can go forward… but even more.. if you have had past lives and they may not have been as evolved as this one… then as your evolution continues and you learn and grow from one incarnation to the next, eventually you’ll become a mystic, adept and then a master teacher.

A true master teacher has the ability to send a thought form through time and space.  Most of us start with practicing telepathy exercises, or guessing who is calling us before we look at the caller ID.  So, on this fiftyith birthday Patricia was able to connect with her futureself, Orion who began to create a mind link to send back in time, some information to accellerate conscious growth on the planet.   Although Patricia-Rochelle had been the initial main channel of a body of work called: “The Cosmic Mandate:  a Blueprint for Immortality”, in the beginning she used group energy or the Trinity Process (3 people only) to continue opening the channel.  

As time moved on her accomplishments and spiritual gifts of spirit continued to blossom.  She was given the ‘higher gift of telepathy’ by Karmapa, the 14the incarnation who stopped a procession to pick her out of the crowd and directed his assistant to ask her to meet with him after the event.  At that meeting he booped her on the head with a peacock feather for the second time and said; with this I give you ‘higher telepathy’.  (Ability to translate languages in your head.  (Talk about mind to mind communicatoin beyond language!)  Later that year she was invited to Japan to work with a government program for their television on psychics.  She ‘heard’ in her head the wrong tranlation and stopped everything saying, ‘excuse me, please say that again in another way, you didn’t translate that correctly. (she did not speak japanese)  The director turned and said, “Yes, I heard what you said and its’ okay’.  She said, ‘well, if you speak english, why are we using a translator?”  Response:  ‘How else do we train them?”  So she got her confirmation. 

Patricia-Rochelle Deigel, Ph.D. Speaks, Waikiki, HI

Patricia-Rochelle Diegel, Master Subramunyia peeking out from left, Jon Deigel to her right

She would often use sacred geometry while setting up the chairs for a group event when she would be the lead ‘channel’ and over a twelve year period more and more layers of “The Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality” was channeled through.  Very often Patricia would teach a class for one hour, but we would have 90 minutes or 120 minutes on cassette playback, not distorted.  She was able to consciously shift time and bring an entire group with her to that ‘other dimension’ where time was going at a different rate the the 3rd dimensional world.  She taught us a trick – talk to your little tape recorders after you give the machines a name.  Everything is conscious and once you name them, ask or command them to come with you as you go into altered states while giving readings or channeling… that way you’ll get the recordings instead of machine breakdowns.  this seemed to work when people did it.  So simple.

Her work was simple and complex.   Holographic.   I continued developing parts of the materials throughout the years.  Just before I had met her I met Dr. James W. R. Thomas, another luminary magician of the highest.  That’s another story but I was instructed at a psychic fair reading by Dr. Thomas to ‘go home and meditate and you’ll have your answer to your question.”  So, when I rushed home, this time ‘expecting an answer’ I was shown the Cosmic Mandate.

A couple weeks later I met Patricia-Rochelle.    She told me it would take her three years to teach me everything she knew.  She said she would teach me to merge minds and I’m merge with her and get all the past life experiences that she already got while she merged with other people’s ‘time track’, and on we went.   As I was being trained on any levels, I would make her really work.  I’d be doing her absentee’ past life readings; the ones that would come in the mail.  (Again, this way way before internet and skype.  I’d  do the work, fill in the forms with the information about the client and  I’d call Patricia over to take a look.  I’d quickly put my hand over the answers and cover up some of the information I had written down.  I’d say, okay: if you get the same information that I got, then I’ll believe that I’m right.  Well, I was never quite sure if it was me that was as good or if it was Patricia that could tune into me and get what I got.  Either way, to work with a master teacher/ intuitive mystic at that level was a true gift.

I’d often wonder why more people didn’t volunteer half as much time because they would all experience the seemingly miraculous abilities that would be demonstrated to us; between Dr. James W. R. Thomas and Dr. Patricia-Rochelle Deigel, the experiences would cause any skeptic to go running and screaming.   As the years went on I noticed that when going to a few of her retreats, her work was getting more and more esoteric and on occassion I would need to stop her and stand in for a brief..  ‘hold on, you’ve lost a bunch of folks cause they don’t have a foundational context for the work.   So I’d get in there and give a quick introduction to either the Cosmic Mandate or The Mind Radiation foundation or a 20 minutes foundation explanation of the nature of numbers so the students would understand frequency and the basics of one through nine.  It doesn’t take long to explain  when you have the grounded tools that Patricia has emparted with us.  But her abilities were outstanding.  She was able to give birth and death dates, names and details that people would leave the sessions and either do the research or they would on vacation somewhere and suddenly, land exactly where she had said and described… and clients reported back that there was ‘the name’ of their past life right there on a statue or other details would appear to confirm the session.

But what’s more important is the transformational quality of the Past Life Readings.  They were as if doing multi-dimensional surgery.  The results literally were often like night and day, a new dawn emerging as the old junk and clouds from their present past and past lives were quickly neutralized.  The dots connected as to why and how and what.   Once a man showed up in the training center asking for Patricia.  As soon as she finished teaching the class I took him into the classroom.  He refused to give me his name and just said, I need to talk to her and its been a long time.  He said, I bet you don’t remember me.  She held up her hand as a stop sign and said. wait a minute, let me run around my time track…     Not 15 seconds passed and she slowly said,  “Okay, you were reading # 546, I read for you in Lubbock Texas and where’s the money you owe me”  and she put out her hand!  I think she got his name as well.  The man was in shock and said, right right, amazing!  The story was he had a Past Life Reading and gave her 8 names of people he knew or had known; standard procedure.  During the readings Patricia-Rochelle would give the past life connections and carry it forward to understand the karma in the present.  Most of the time it was totally obvious to the client.  This time at the end of the session, the man said, ‘Now I know this is B.S. because two of the people on that list are fake.  I just made up the names! So you’ve got to be a fraud!. ”   (forget about the rest of the reading!)   So Patricia responded with, well, actually they are real people and you just haven’t met them yet.  You will.  I won’t charge you for this session today. But, when you do meet them, after that you can come back and pay me double for this session, and so he did.

No matter what happened, she’d always say, There’s always a reason and you don’t always have to know what that reason is.   The Trinity work – the foundational activation process of ‘The Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality” was one of the best contributions.   Several of her collegaues and students published parts of it in their books; few people gave credit to where it came from.

On a personal level, she was married five times, had three children and I’m not sure how many grandchildren.  She moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles, to Monterey Bay near San Francisco, then to Sedona, Arizona.  and finally to Las Vegas, Nevade.  Her husband Jon Terrance Diegel became Archbishop of the Church of Antioch, an apostolic That continued as we’d have students and clients who would have a reading with her and then a while would pass and they would choose the other one of us.   And we’d both hear.. that’s exactly what Patricia-Rochelle told me… or visa versa.   And, after about 7 years she moved away, first to Montara near  then I’ll believe its right.   And, low and behold, she’d get what I got.  Wow.  I’m not sure what I was more shocked at.. That I could do it or that she could get exactly what I got!   had taught many aspects of it for over two decades.  Being Patricia-Rochelle Diegel’s protege was quite an honor.. demanding, rewarding beyond description.  She always empowered people to ‘get it’ and then go out and do what you need to do… be who you need to be – more fully present and clear about their talents/ soul mission and how to overcome blocks quickly.  She refused to be anyone’s guru… even though people would dream about here from all around the world…and find her for her ‘Immortality Consultation’ or classes.

JacQuaeline dreaming

‘JacQuaeline Gazing’

I stopped sharing ‘The Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality’ work for many years from about 1995.  Well actually, I would share it in small groups but not to the larger groups that our little light center would have – groups of  30, 50 to 100 students in each class.  I have only given a few small classes or a special retreat here and there, various places since then.  Many people on ‘the path’, even conscious program coordinators have met with me with great interest – and then tell me its amazing and truly from the future.  Sometimes it blows them away activating the light of insight and an ‘ah-ha moment’.  Its as if you just show up with a painting and its the first time someone is able to see a psychedelic color.   Studying the Cosmic Mandate awakens a type of holographic perception; strenthening your concept of a Divine Presence in all things, including yourself.   Oneness.  No two.  Having that type of experience shifts perspective instantly.    Its trippy, its simple and powerful all at the same time. I would doodle the nine squares when I was growing up.  Its just about the only thing I would doodle.   Its like the seed was inside my awareness and its just about to come to a bud and become fruit.   Studying it pulls people into a higher dimension and sometimes just blows people’s mind.  I’ve had people grab their head and say – wow, you just planted some seeds and then you took a fire hose and blew them away.   Too much !   It’s challenging when you think you’re speaking english and the concepts are simple – yet reactions are ‘ you just blew my mind.’   I’d like to think the comment is similar to hearing a Buckminster Fuller speech.  You’d be watching/listening to an older gentleman standing in front of the microphone. Bucky would tell a story and in 40 minutes of ho-hum, lots of little stories that are interesting but not facinating;  this elder grandfather type guy would be telling the story but suddenly all the pieces would come together and what seemed to be a huge pile of disconnected pebbles – instantly became a tightly woven stunning sculpture of awesome proportions. In other words, Bucky would blow your mind through simplicity and connecting you to the cosmos through story interwoven with interesting facts.  So recently, after a long while with it mainly on the back burner; I have begun to integrate the Cosmic Blueprint work into tele-seminars and webinars because its time.

I feel that it is important work and I realize ‘the time is NOW’ to start sharing it again. I feel like ‘IT’ wants to be shared again.  So, I’m going to be updating the material.. which I can now do.  And, the exciting part is that I can now use technology to support people far and wide in the processes allowing many more people to connected with the material. (Teaching how to ‘merge minds‘ being one process.)  This blog post being one of them.

So, I want to invite you who are reading this – to fasten your seat belt – stay tuned and pay attention.  “The Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality” was channeled here over a period of a little over a decade starting late 1960’s through the 1970’s.. at least the basic fundamentals of it…

In future posts I’ll be talking about ‘Intuition Power’ the foundational work.  I’ll also get into how to ‘merge minds‘ and what that means in terms of saving time, spiritual growth and success at anything you attempt to do…

More soon on the “Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality” – and how it can help you – it actually shows how all the Estoeric Sciences fit together and explains in simple concepts the evolution of consciousness and how we can progress at the fastest rate..

Stay tuned… ask questions.

Otherwise, at this Summer Solstice time – here’s to Patricia-Rochelle Diegel, PH.D., this posting is for you… my love and gratitude always; your work, your love and for the thousands and thousands of souls which you helped activate, guide and empower….may your memory live on.

I recently found a hand written note from her papers showing some of her past lives and future lives.  She wrote that she would be back a grand-daughter or great grand-daughter.. I’d have to find the papers again..   I trust this next time she’ll have an interesting life and just seeing that takes away any doubt in my heart and mind that there is a future for humanity on this planet.  She seemed to be exceptionally accurate all the time.    Reincarnation – expert –  Patricia-Rochelle Deigel.

With much love, respect and gratitude,  JacQuaeline

PS. as of this update 4/11/17.   Jon T. Diegel has passed on as well.  He made his transition in the spring of 2015. (March 26, 2015)    Dr. James W. R. Thomas of Thomas Institute of Metaphysicas is still alive and doing well in Florida just outside of Spiritualists Camp ‘Casadega’.   He’s still giving readings in person and over the phone.. brilliant channel! Highly recommended trance-medium.

If anyone is interested in the “The Cosmic Mandate: A Blueprint for Immortality” don’t hesitate to contact me, JacQuaeline   If interested in an update on your PPA (Personal Analysis Readings)  or on your  (I.C.)  ‘Immortality Consultation or ENA (Esoteric Name Analysis), I can help you with that as well. As mentioned, when I started working with Patricia-Rochelle she told me it would take her three years to teach me everything she knew.  The first 2 years I was taking classes on average 3 to 4 nights a week and 2 to 3 weekends each month.  And I had been trained to start teaching basic programs or sections of the weekend trainings by the end of the first 16 months.  I worked with her as a protege/student/assistant for 7 years.  At that time she moved to another city telling me to start my own center and keep building the work, which I did.  She was a very dear, close friend.  We co-created many courses, advanced blueprint forms and retreats together.  It truly was an honor to serve, to know her and to have her as a friend.  Thank you Patricia-Rochelle for helping me to blossom and be the best that I can be.. to carry on the work and live the awesome experience that I have.

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During a reading/forecast I told Carol she needed to put her resume together in terms of her becoming something like… like a V.P. of the Bank she was working for. She looked visibly uncomfortable with the thought and said, “you’ve got to be kidding, I could never do that.” So, in asking her a few questions – she told me she did special projects but that’s not close to the V.P. type job.’ So, I said, “well, you have exactly three months to follow the current VP around, learn and watch what he does and how he does it”. And again I said, “in three months, 3 men will enter your bank. It will be obvious to you who I’m talking about. I want you to hand them your resume. You’ll get a new job and it will be something like Vice President.”Carole called me six months later from her new office. She told me she was hired by the three men and was now V.P. of their new bank. She said she NEVER would have been prepared and couldn’t imagine ever being ready if it weren’t for the things I told her in her reading.

So my question to you is…

Are you prepared?
Do you have a consultant who has a great track record for accuracy on timing of events, dollar amounts.. someone who can read you at the soul level so there is a potential alignment for soul mission, vision and purpose to be supported? Have you checked in for a reading in the last six months or year?

If not – you might be like Carol, except you don’t know what you don’t know.

Carol - Bank V.P.
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